Wednesday, July 20, 2005

You Better Shape Up

One thing that might tempt me to move back to Indy is the food. Not the hot night life, but the snacks are what I'm after. I've been home for almost a week and have eaten almost every meal out because there are so many places I love and need to get my fill of in a 2 week period. Mmmmmmm...Bravo, Jimmy John's, Puccini's, Brew Pub, Don Pablo's.....I just haven't found anything out in Phoenix to replace them. And I'm just getting started!

On a completely different note, I watched Grease last night with my little sister Mary (9). PG my foot. There are so many references to sex in that movie that she'd have to be deaf and dumb not to pick up on that. But throughout the whole movie, at least Sandy's setting a good example for the ladies out there...until the end, when she whores it up and becomes a smoker to get with Danny. Hmm. Even a PG musical is laden with ideas I don't want floating around in Mary's head! But I still love some of the songs.
I know what you mean, Jenny. I think about Pucinni's...and I get soooo sad that it is in Indy. A couple of weekends ago Matt and I were driving through Bloomington and there is a Pucinni's restaraunt with a different name (starts with B, I think?) I practically grabbed the steering wheel and forced Matt to eat lunch there. A little bit of heaven.

I also love 3 Sisters Cafe in BR...haven't found anything like that with good prices. Last night I paid $32 dollars for a cup of soup, one crab cake the size of a silver dollar, and a glass of wine.
yeah boots, my days of working at puccini's were some of the best of my life...i got to make myself pizzas and eat up loaves of garlic bread with cheese. maybe i'll start up my own could it not be a hit?!!?

and paying a lot of money for not-so-good (or not-so-much) food is SUCH a buzzkill!!!
Well, I'm in the process of moving to Atlanta, so I guess I can no longer speak as an official Phoenecian, but I could reccomend a couple.

Thursday was my last night in town, and I chose for my last meal to be at Four Peaks. Apart from their amazing beer, their food is just yumcredibles.

Also, it's pretty out of the way, but Chino Bandito's (up in Glendale, and coming soon to Chandler) is another unique local spot. Just Google it for a 'script -- you should be amused.

Nothing beats good 'ol JJ's though, I must admit. Fortunately they're taking the country by storm so I hope to see one down South within the next semester.
Word on the street is that you must try Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix
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