Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Summer Read

After perusing Bookslut for a new reccomendations, I decided to settle on something in the "beach chair/easy summer read" category. As long as I am able to stay away from the grocery store titles, everything will be cool... (like those "M" is for Murder books with cat prints on the cover that my mother in law tries to get me to read).

I came across a review for Wifey, which interested me, because, like every average pre-menstrual young Catholic girl, I read Judy Blume and felt mature. I didn't think I'd have to put too much thought into this book, and even though I read it in about 3 hours (life, you ask?), it was actually pretty good and made me think- not about big important issues, necessarily- but about relationships, sex (there's a lot of that in here), and the evolution of the marital roles over time. Set in the late 60's and early 70's chauvinism, submissive wives, and double standards are all the rage.

Read it, you'll like it, and we'll all be happy.
After spending 1 hour in the downtown library and finding only one book I was looking for, I'm reading Palahniuk's new book, Haunted. It's nasty.

OOh, and I have a haircut on Thursday so I'll get to meet the fabled Jared
you are so going to be a fan of J. I was at the library on Monday...were you there then, too? Bizarre...
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