Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Gee, now I feel better...

A friend and I were discussing moving to a different neighborhood in Chicago. She mentioned an area that I was not familliar with, so I asked, "What's it like there?"

"Well, it's kind of an up and coming area. I mean, they have a Starbucks and everything so you would be totally fine there."

What? Hm? Now, we all know that white people only want to live next door, above, or in the basement of Starbucks, but come on dear! I don't even drink coffee.

But, it's so good to know that in the event of any crime, I could just hide behind the counter with the baristas and guzzle gigantic frothy drinks with 5,000 calories apiece.
that was so totally "it has a starbucks, so it's okay!" moment. please, i'd like to move AWAY from the "25 starbucks within a 20 mile radius" demographic!

nice post!

ps. i am a starbucks fan, but not a fan-atic! ;-Þ oh, but "fan" is short for fanatic. sorry, n/m!
What's the area? In regards to Starbucks, I think that's a fair indicator of a neighborhood on the rise (and by rise I mean it's starting to be populated by people who own as opposed to rent, resulting in higher property values, a higher level of aesthetic quality, etc, etc). Starbucks is 'spensive, and only people with a lot of disposable income can afford such luxuries. Starbucks doesn't equal white, it just equals well-off, which, unfortunatly, more often than not equals white, but certainly not always (see ATL for an example of large numbers of upwardly mobile african americans).
way to go on the dissertation, mike. i guess i was thinking more of sbucks in cities like chicago and indy, although there is now one on 38th street and one on stony island drive in chicago. maybe starbucks is really our best friend- is it crossing the socioeconomic divide with pricey coffee beverages? I hate coffee culture, period. It drives me crazy that people use a beverage as a status symbol.
Shan, I feel you on the Starbucks thing. When I tell people what I do and where I go everyday, they almost always ask, "do you carry a gun?" I mean do they seriously think I need a gun to be in a neighborhoods that happen to be poor. News flash, poor doesn't mean bad people who are out to get other people. But I do think Starbucks is an indicator of people with some money you would never see any of my clients there and they have no money to spare. I don't drink coffee either!
I think Starbucks has good coffee, but I'm with you, Shan, I hate coffee culture. There's way too much posturing involved in your average coffee shop, and the people always seem much much cooler than me. I get in and get out.
Dear Stephanie:

You need a gun. The Constitution says we're supposed to have them. It's the only way you'll be able to shut fools down.
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This reminds me of a conversation between my boyfriend and I when we were looking for apartments: "Oh, look, it's just a five-minute drive to that huge block of mall shops!"
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