Thursday, June 23, 2005

Its not the heat, its the humidity

I swear if I hear someone say that this summer I will cause them bodily harm. Weird opening. Well I am sitting in the upstairs of my very old and usually very cool farm house. I have the downstairs AC unit blasting for the first time and there is only a puny little unit in our room which does not cool the whole upstairs. I am not really bothered by the heat, its a part of summer, but was is annoying is when you get up, shower and head out the door for work, you start to sweat before you even see one person. I bet my clients and co-workers think I don't even shower cause by 10:00am my hair is up in the pony tail and I look all frumpy. Today for instance. I wore this cute skirt with a t-shirt. The skirt looked great until I spent an hour in my car driving and I got all sweaty and my skirt got all wrinkled. I don't think I am cut out for corporate America. I cannot imagine myself wearing a suit and all that and actually looking put together all day. How does those people do it? I know that since I am taking a real estate class and looking to do change careers I am going to have to step it up, but I swear my hair never looks smooth and my clothes always wrinkle. What will I do when I have clients who actually know how to shower and brush their hair and teeth?
I hear you, Steph. I hate just getting out of the shower and then getting all hot and sweaty 5 minutes later...not to mention going outside. I am permanently sporting the ponytail-bun because my hair won't stay under control either.
But you know it's not the heat, it's the humidity, right?

Sorry, couldn't help myself :)

It's Satan's armpit down here in Savannah, GA. I swear I wonder why I even bother to shower anymore.
oh man, we don't have central air in our new place. i want to cry, but i've used all my tears to sweat.
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