Tuesday, June 07, 2005

It's Just That Jazzy

A certian fashion item has been catching my eye all over the city lately- and it's prompting me to ask "why, people?" Yes, it's the tres chic fanny pack!

Let's discuss: Yes, the fanny pack may be handy, especially for men who don't want to go full on with the "man's bag" action, but you have alternatives!! Backpacks, for one, are a good thing. They may be larger than your fanny pack, but your hands are still free to tool all over the town in your nice all white tourist tennis shoes. (May I just add that a sun visor can truly make this fashion statement extra special).

Fashion Fanny Packs: I know Gucci, Coach, Louis Vuitton, etc, all make the logo-ized fanny pack and varying versions of this faux-pas, but come on now. Does it really give you more urban street cred to have a giant tool belt of personal items hanging around your waist? I think not.

Exception to the Rule: There is only one- Uncle Sammy. Some of you may know him, but he's easy to picture. He only wears swimming trunks -year round- and keeps some flip flops and a tshirt in his truck in the event that he might have to go in to a public place. Some of you may have seen the recent Xmas photo with my fam all wearing our holiday finest, and Uncle Sammy kickin it shirtless in some swimming trunks. Now, he has been known to sport the fanny pack because, well, he's sporty. He's an athlete, and I excuse the sporty fanny pack because it actually serves a purpose that is not exclusively dork-related.

That's the verdict. Ban the pack!
shan, way to be with the picture action!

uncle sammy should have sported the trunk/pack action to your wedding with just a bowtie. of course, that would mean susie would have to war umbros.
Shan, fanny packs are sick. I saw this mom and daughter pair both sporting them at Target the other day. I wanted to run up to them and shake them and say "what are you thinking?"
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