Thursday, June 23, 2005

Its not the heat, its the humidity

I swear if I hear someone say that this summer I will cause them bodily harm. Weird opening. Well I am sitting in the upstairs of my very old and usually very cool farm house. I have the downstairs AC unit blasting for the first time and there is only a puny little unit in our room which does not cool the whole upstairs. I am not really bothered by the heat, its a part of summer, but was is annoying is when you get up, shower and head out the door for work, you start to sweat before you even see one person. I bet my clients and co-workers think I don't even shower cause by 10:00am my hair is up in the pony tail and I look all frumpy. Today for instance. I wore this cute skirt with a t-shirt. The skirt looked great until I spent an hour in my car driving and I got all sweaty and my skirt got all wrinkled. I don't think I am cut out for corporate America. I cannot imagine myself wearing a suit and all that and actually looking put together all day. How does those people do it? I know that since I am taking a real estate class and looking to do change careers I am going to have to step it up, but I swear my hair never looks smooth and my clothes always wrinkle. What will I do when I have clients who actually know how to shower and brush their hair and teeth?

Friday, June 17, 2005

Who's the Perpetrator?

Last night I was riding my bike into my back alley to enter my building from our courtyard. Directly in front of my building entrance, a couple of teenagers were getting arrested by the fine Chicago Police. Nothing new here- happens a lot by our house. I was going about my business when a police officer came up to me and said, "Ma'm, would you care to know how to defend yourself against perpetrators, such as these men?" He motions over to the guys standing in handcuffs, who happen to be my neighbors. "Um," I say. The cop then grabs a ballpoint pen that is sticking out of my backpack pocket and uncaps it. "You see, Ma'm, with a device as simple as a ballpoint pen, you can maim or kill perpetrators such as these men." "Hm," I say. The cop proceeds to explain how I can gouge someone's eye out (apparently my perpetrating neighbors) or rip their cheek open if I just learn how to be aggressive with my Bic products. He ends the lecture by saying, "Keep a pen in your pocket at all times. You never know." I try not to make eye contact with anyone as I go in my gate.

Ok, backtrack: My neighbors are section 8 residents. They're already kind of suspicious of the people in our building, so why is this police officer making it worse? Although I didn't hardly say a word, I feel like the officer totally created a "me against them" situation that was totally unnecessary. Not only are the people that live across the alley pretty harmless, we've started becoming friendly (after 3 years!). Ugg. Most of my encounters with the police in Chicago have not been that great. This is a perfect example why.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Land of the Bizarre

One thing that always perplexed me when I’d be out in Boston in the middle of the winter was the homeless people. WHY are you hanging around in this freezing cold misery? If you have no other commitments, why not start walking and migrate south? Turns out, they do. They come in droves to Phoenix and Tucson and hang out at parks. Not such a bad deal for them, really. Anyway, I was in Tucson over the weekend and heard some crazy stories about homeless people that live there and just bizarre people in general.
1. The Scary Guy. Yes, that’s really his name: he legally changed it. The Scary Guy is covered from head to toe with tatts and piercings and used to do a lot of drugs. Now, he has reformed and goes around to schools speaking out against doing drugs. Much more effective than the “this is your brain on drugs” commercials!
2. Penny Man. This guy has glued pennies that cover the surface of his car and also has a penny covered outfit. How fetching!
3. God (see above picture). That’s right, God…also a legal name change. God has a bar called the Meet Rack where all the ladies are given roses upon entering, free cigarettes are offered, you can be BRANDED and get 75 cents off drinks for life (what a steal!!!), and there are sex rooms in the back with gynecologist chairs. And best of all…if you buy a condom in the ladies’ room, bells and whistles and lights go off to let everybody know that you’re planning to get some. We tried to go on Sunday to see this place, but duh…God takes Sundays off. I did, however, get to see his parking space marked “God.” I wonder what kind of car God drives?
So if you’d like to meet these champs, come on down to Tucson, AZ, the Land of the Bizarre.

Sunday, June 12, 2005


We are back from the world of hippies and mud. Paul and I got back from Bonnaroo a couple hours ago. We missed the afternoon of shows today, but it was starting to rain for the 10th time and we were wiped out. Bonnaroo is an experience like no other. There are so many people it nuts. Here are the pictures I have up so far. We met up with Paul's friend Jeremy who works for Magic Hat (a brewer) and had a lot of free beer, so that was cool. Overall we had a great time and saw some great shows. I will post more about life when I have slept more then 3 hours!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Off to Bonnaroo

Hey Ladies, Just wanted to let you know that Paul and I are leaving today for Bonnaroo. I will take a lot of pics and post them when I return. It should be a good time. A friend of ours from Vermont will be there so that will be nice if we can meet up with him. Have a great rest of the week and weekend!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

It's Just That Jazzy

A certian fashion item has been catching my eye all over the city lately- and it's prompting me to ask "why, people?" Yes, it's the tres chic fanny pack!

Let's discuss: Yes, the fanny pack may be handy, especially for men who don't want to go full on with the "man's bag" action, but you have alternatives!! Backpacks, for one, are a good thing. They may be larger than your fanny pack, but your hands are still free to tool all over the town in your nice all white tourist tennis shoes. (May I just add that a sun visor can truly make this fashion statement extra special).

Fashion Fanny Packs: I know Gucci, Coach, Louis Vuitton, etc, all make the logo-ized fanny pack and varying versions of this faux-pas, but come on now. Does it really give you more urban street cred to have a giant tool belt of personal items hanging around your waist? I think not.

Exception to the Rule: There is only one- Uncle Sammy. Some of you may know him, but he's easy to picture. He only wears swimming trunks -year round- and keeps some flip flops and a tshirt in his truck in the event that he might have to go in to a public place. Some of you may have seen the recent Xmas photo with my fam all wearing our holiday finest, and Uncle Sammy kickin it shirtless in some swimming trunks. Now, he has been known to sport the fanny pack because, well, he's sporty. He's an athlete, and I excuse the sporty fanny pack because it actually serves a purpose that is not exclusively dork-related.

That's the verdict. Ban the pack!

Friday, June 03, 2005


Well, it's been a while since I posted. Like a LONG while. I've been so busy with work and still am and am going to have to work the next two weekends for sure not to mention working 24 hours a day next week. BUT, I wanted to make a post to brag about my husband and all the beautiful stuff he's creating this semester in between majors. He's prob going from the architecture school to the MFA program at the Design Media Arts school at UCLA. its such a cool program. His prof created this programming language called Processing ( that is for designers and artists to use and is supposed to be easier than real programming. He just won this major award for it at some festival for media art in austria. It's like the Cannes of media art apparently So here is john's page on the class website so you can see some of his projects from this semester all of which have yielded some beautiful artwork. (

He is doing an internship with Thom Mayne this summer at Morphosis this freaking cool architecture firm. Thom just won the Pritzker Prize for architecture which is like the highest honor so I'm very proud of my little johnners for doing so well this first year back in school. We switched spots, now im working and he's in school. i guess i owe him. haha. hope you are all well. Consider googling Morphosis and Thom Mayne to see what they are all about.

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