Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Water Safety

Today on the Indy Star online there is an article about water safety. And I got to thinking about a certain outing at Eagle Creek involving pontoon boats. I seem to remember a lot of drinking, some other frowned upon activities and some people (who might or might not be members of this blog) jumping in the water. It was a funny day for those of you who were not there. Picture two pontoon boats filled with unruly twenty-something people drinking and basically breaking all of the rules. As we were enjoying ourselves, some park patrol people came up in a boat and informed us we could not swim and we needed a life jacket for each person. The details are hazy after that, but I think we were a prime example of what not to do when at Eagle Creek.

In other news, I sat through the IU graduation on Saturday (my brother graduated)....wow, that was exciting. The best part was that the students bounced beach balls around Assembly Hall during the speeches untill they got taken away, when they all booed. And I have to sit through it again next year when Paul graduates from Grad school. Can't Wait!
Oooo ... I remember said excursion. Good times, albeit frequently salted by lame parks people. I'm pretty sure I peed in the reservoir multiple times, so all you in Indy, how does my urine taste? Like chronic, I'm sure.
I think for me, the worst part of that little boating excursion was when I got out of the water and half of my bathing suit top was off. Man, I should write into Seventeen magazine about that one!
Wow. That seems like ages ago. Shortly before I headed West. I think I even went to that. Stellar pontooning with way too may people on board, and an even better evening at Shannon's folks house. That's when I realized that there was someone else out there who loved the flux capacitor as much as I did. Good times.
Haha! I totally forgot that we ended up at my parents' house that night. Good times!
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