Monday, May 30, 2005

Judy Blume Grows Up and Gets Jewish

Crossing California is by Chicago author Adam Langer and I LOVE this book. I am only halfway through, but it is a definite favorite. And yeah, the book reminds me of Judy Blume with sex, drugs, and rock and roll (it's 1979-80.) Read it!

P.S. - Shan's first picture post!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Today my work moved offices to some nice new digs at the Chicago Fine Arts Building, 410 South Michigan Avenue. We pulled up on the side of the building with a U-Haul and 2 trucks packed full of stuff, planning to unload into a freight elevator in the alley. Plot twist: The entrance to the alley was blocked by a car, blocking in several service trucks, and keeping us from moving in. So, I hop out of the truck to ask some heating/air conditioning guys if they know whose car it is. They had been hanging out for quite some time trying to figure out what to do, as they were blocked in the alley. Finally, one guy goes in this building- The Chicago Club- to find out if they know what's up. A few minutes later, he comes out and tells me that Secret Service is parked in the alley in order to secure the Club building for a "high level government figure." Ok, Secret Service. My boss and coworkers are all panicking because we have to move in by a certian time and there is a lot to do. We stand there mulling over what to do when 2 men in suits come out of the building and head towards the car. I decided to run over and flag them down. They basically ignored me, and got in the car. I knocked on the window, and the driver rolled it down.
"Ma'am, may I help you?" (peering at me, with ear wire in place)

"I need to get these cars down the alley, etc. etc...."

"Ok. Here is the procedure. You pull the vehicles into the alley. You unload your vehicles. You be out by 4:30 or I can't promise you will get out of the alley tonight." (roll up window, drive away without cracking a smile)

Right. Just what I was expecting today- wrangling with Secret Service in a dark alley. Thank goodness I "got out" in time!

Nothing Much

I don't have much to post about, but I was sick of looking at my other post. First of all I want to extend an invite to all on this blog, their friends, and the boys over at 1.21 to come to our house on Saturday May 28th for a party. We have a fire pit and I am sure Paul will set off fireworks again like last summer (or maybe we shouldn't let him). And we definitely will not be letting Paul and Teddy start the fire (the grass is still yellow around the fire pit!) Anyway, I thought that might be a weekend when more of you are in the Indy area. Let me know.

On another note, I have a new client who insists in tape recording our time at her house. She is CRAZY. She told me that if I come to her house during the hours of 1-2 pm she will not let me in, but other than that she is free. How the hell are you supposed to help someone like that get their kids back?? I just don't think its possible. I am having my supervisor come out and meet her today, because I have no clue what to do.

Ok, so not a great post, but better than looking at the same post for a week!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Water Safety

Today on the Indy Star online there is an article about water safety. And I got to thinking about a certain outing at Eagle Creek involving pontoon boats. I seem to remember a lot of drinking, some other frowned upon activities and some people (who might or might not be members of this blog) jumping in the water. It was a funny day for those of you who were not there. Picture two pontoon boats filled with unruly twenty-something people drinking and basically breaking all of the rules. As we were enjoying ourselves, some park patrol people came up in a boat and informed us we could not swim and we needed a life jacket for each person. The details are hazy after that, but I think we were a prime example of what not to do when at Eagle Creek.

In other news, I sat through the IU graduation on Saturday (my brother graduated), that was exciting. The best part was that the students bounced beach balls around Assembly Hall during the speeches untill they got taken away, when they all booed. And I have to sit through it again next year when Paul graduates from Grad school. Can't Wait!

Monday, May 09, 2005

Chain Gang

I saw an actual chain gang this morning on my way to work. Let me tell you, Arizona has a funky way of treating their incarcerated citizens. A few weeks ago, they transferred some prisoners from one prison to another and made them all wear pink boxers. And now today the chain gang I saw had the black and white striped get-ups on; I thought those were only for the movies! They even had these signs on the road that said "Sheriff's Chain Gang At Work...Slow Down!" Yeah, slow right on down so they can sneak into your car at a stoplight. Just kidding...after all, they've got those chains holding them back.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Hey ladies and gentlemen. I made a little website that is a collection of letters used to tell a story. I'm trying to correct typos but youll get the gist. Check it out!
It's called: Prioritaire.

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