Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I know I always talk about this, but.....

Ok, I know I always blog about my job, but damn its an interesting one. I have a new client who I met yesterday for the first time. I knocked on the door and said, "Is Suton home?" (pronounced Sut-ton) and he said, "my name is pronounced Su-ton" (rhymes with futon). MMMMMmmmm interesting name. Now, you should see this kid and I use the term "kid" lightly. He is at least 6 feet 4 and roughly the size of a football player with a lot of muscles. He also sports tattoos all over both arms and gold teeth on the top and bottom. Awesome.

Anyway, part of our intake paperwork is to ask them why they are involved with the system (yes, we have paperwork on them, but sometimes their answers are very different from the police reports.) So, I merrily ask him to tell me in his own words why he is on probation. He states and I quote, "My mom cut off my bracelet (the house arrest bracelet) so that I could leave the house, then I was riding in this car (stolen) and I was smoking a blunt and some cop decided to hassle me even though I wasn't doing anything." So, I then tell him that I read in the report he was smoking a blunt and tried to eat it when the cops came up. He said, "Yep, look at my tongue." It was all there except for a hole on the side where the blunt had apparently burned him and left a mark!

Wow, what is one to do with someone like this? He has been on probation since he was 10 and he is almost 17! His probation officer told me, "The youth's favorite activities are to steal cars and smoke marijuana" Well at least he keeps himself busy....
I've heard of people eating a lit joint. It's supposed to be fairly easy, so long as you have a little spit to put out the cherry. A blunt though? All I can say is damn.

Steph your job is cool. You get to come home with an intereting story when most people don't do much but file the same routine complaints day in and day out. You should feel lucky that you work in the ghetto, it beats a cubicle.
With the weather getting better, I'm sure blunt eating will increase 3 fold. Hennessy, hos and hog legs baby, jeeahh.
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