Saturday, April 30, 2005

Bad Girl

I acted a fool this weekend at a "work party." Now I'm dying with shame and trying to recover.

Let me set the scene: I basically work with 2 people. One person I am in the office with every day, the other I see a couple times a week. 'Co-Worker,' as he will now be called, had a nice dinner for me, husband, boss, and 2 part time co workers and a gfriend. We were being all civilized and drinking wine while listening to records and chatting over the European cheeze platter.

What did I do? Get super drunk and act like that obnoxious co worker that no one wants to approach. I feel like Elaine from Seinfeld doing the horrible dance at the office party...and no one will tell her that it's gimpy! I started out the eve by downing a couple of glasses and then crying while 'c0-worker' was nice enough to toast me for a job well done at work. Cried in drunkenness. Then, as the evening wore on, I dumped a bottle of wine on the table, sloshed my bevs all over the floor (someone literally followed me around with a towel), danced to the same Temptations record 3 times even though people kept asking me to turn it off (no one else was really a fan), pulled an Alison and became obsessed with co worker's cats and would not leave them alone, convinced co-worker to roll up the rug and balroom dance with me (not a fan), and ended up crawling into co-worker's bed (faux pas, anyone?) to snooze while the party went on.

Then, when I woke up, I was convinced that I was so drunk that I couldn't see correctly anymore. I had actually lost a contact lens, but I was not coherent enough to know that at the time. So, I panicked and told Matt that I wanted to leave the party because I had no idea what I would do next and I didn't want to act any worse. So, we made a nice exit, me propped up on Matt's arm, squinting and slurring, saying goodbyes to all the normal people, then slinking out of the house in shame.

Argh! I hate it when no one else is as drunk as you are! I always get paranoid that people are looking at me funny and I freak out and try to hide in weird places, like a co worker's bedroom.

Sigh. Looking forward to Monday.
Shan, At my boss's 50th bday party I got trashed on wine (apparently we should avoid wine while with coworkers). And I yelled at everyone who was taking pictures that they were wasting my time. Hmmm had a few too many? I think so. I hate being the "office drunk" now. It sucks! I feel your pain.
hey shan...yep, we've all been there. hope your day is going all right! the way i see it, everyone has had their night(s) of shame, so no one should judge. and if someone has never had an embarrassing drunk night, they're probably not too much fun anyway. keep your head up, champ!
man, i love it when stupid drunk actions get compared to things i do when totally sympathy from me, shan!

just kidding! i wish i could have been there to see you jazz hands it around that party.
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