Sunday, March 13, 2005

Where Are You?

Hi Ladies, I posted last Sunday and that was the last post! Where are you all? I know you have fun and interesting things to say!

I have a little tidbit of info to blog about. Last Thursday I was at a clients house in Haughville (the area a little west and south of IUPUI) when I got up to leave and I noticed that my car was surrounded by police vehicles. Being brave or crazy I headed out the door with my client in tow to see what was going on. Apparently, the house next door to them was a known crack house/prostitution house. MMMMmmmm, lovely. I then talked to one of the police officers explaining my car was blocked in and could he please tell me when I might be able to move my car. He replied, "When we get done" Oh, so helpful Mr. Policeman. So, I headed back in to my clients house, having no where else to go, and played a couple rounds of Uno with him. Does anyone know why I do this job, cause I am really starting to question my sanity.

Ok, there is my post! Someone else better post by next Sunday or else!
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