Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Think back to what you were doing when you were 19. I think most of us would have to admit that it didn't have much to do with anything other than hanging out with friends and scooting by through college. And this is why I was so impressed by three 19 year old guys from California who decided to go to Uganda and shoot a documentary on what was happening to the people there, particularly the children. If you're not too familiar with it (I wasn't really), children in Uganda are being abducted in the middle of the night by the Lords Resistance Army (LRA). They are forced to join the ranks and brutalize their own families and tribe.

So, the guys are back from Uganda now and travelling around showing their not-quite-finished film. I saw it at ASU Monday night, and it really blew me away. Every now and I again I need something to put my life in perspective, something to make me realize how ridiculous I am for complaining about having to get up early or sitting through 6 hours of class. And this movie did it, that's for sure. The guys are going back to Uganda in a couple of weeks to try and interview both the president of Uganda and the leader of the LRA to put their perspectives into the film, and then they'll edit the film and it's going to be released this Christmas. But don't don't have to wait that long to see it. You can order your very own copy of the DVD And I really hope you do! Order yourself a copy, show it to as many people as you can, raise some awareness of the issue (and some money!). The guy who was there talking to us about the film equated not doing anything to knowing what was going on in Nazi Germany but opting not to help...once you see the film for yourself, I think you'll agree.

Another interesting tidbit...this is going to be the next bracelet campaign! Target, Starbucks, and Urban Outfitters have agreed to carry beaded bracelets with the name "Tony" on them. Tony is one of the kids they interviewed in the film, and they have footage of him asking one of the filmmakers not to forget about him. Of course they promised not to, and now who knows how many people will end up sporting a bracelet with his name on's crazy how things work out!
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just to say as i only recently found this site,thru link from u cant make it up(best blog on the web)i was lookin thru a lot of your past posts,now i dont know if you ever go back to check the comments on old posts,but after the one about that town in actually get heckled by a wisconsonite.

i have never seen anyone heckled on their own site before...way cool
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