Monday, March 28, 2005

Singles Schmingles

Raise your hand if you've seen Singles. Seeing as how this movie came out when I was in middle school, I didn't really care about the lives of a bunch of twentysomethings because I was too worried about the pegs coming out of my jeans or obsessing over how much food was stuck in my braces. Just recently, however, I watched the movie, thinking I would really be able to relate to these people trying to puzzle their post-collegiate lives together. As Leah noted in her post below, I also just finished reading Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs by Chuck Klosterman. In one chapter, he touches on Singles, noting how old and mature Kyra Sedgewick, Bridget Fonda and Campbell Scott act for supposedly moronic early twentysomethings. He expands, explaining he and his peers first saw the movie when in came out in 1992. Klosterman and crew were all in college and the story seemed like a logical mark up of what they could expect once they got out of school. Upon reviewing the movie a few years later when he was supposedly in the characters' same shoes, he found the thought of dealing with crazy dating services, pregnancy and even having your own garage-door opener implausible.

Ahh, reading that made me feel so much better.

I just saw this movie as a twentysomething for the first time, and my main challenges are collecting furnture that didn't come from my parents' basement--or even worse a street corner--and trying to eek a few more years out of my loud and long-suffering car. Garage door opener? Please. I won't even spring for a reserved spot in a carport. That money's earmarked for grad school loan payments and highly impractical shirts I don't need to buy because I can't wear them into the office. While the movie was entertaining and Cameron Crowe certainly doesn't disappoint with the music (dated but still not bad), I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who couldn't relate.

Geez, as I'm writing this, one of the field reps just came into my office and pulled my ponytail (as he tries to do on a semi regular basis). It makes me want to elbow him in the nose! Yeah, I know he resents the fact I was still in high school when he started working here, but does he have to make me feel anymore infantile? And the people here wonder why I keep on chopping off my hair! No wonder I can't relate to this damn movie.
I have a garage door opener dammit! But it is for my rented garage on my rented property next to my rented house! So, really its not even mine. HA! Also, Ali no one should be pulling your pony tail at work, that just isn't ok in my book!
I know. I hate my job and I want to quit. Sometimes.
At least he's not snapping your bra, my old favorite from grade school. Mackey, um, why don't you step it up and kick some ass.
Pulling your ponytail is not acceptable. You could leave your job now with fat pockets if you wanted to. Pulling your ponytail is considered sexual harassment. I'd start documenting things like this in a journal (don't leave it at work where someone could see it). Document every incident where you feel uncomfortable. Call a lawyer, and wait for the cash to start rolling in.
First off this movie is nothing short of Genius. Singles does for Seattle what Manhattan did for New York. Clearly a movie made by a man how loves his city and all the great music it has to offer. Also, some of the tunes may be dated, but Paul Westerburg's "Dyslexic Heart" is a timeless classic.
Agreed Grant. Ali, I will buy you a tape recorder. Everytime that chode walks into your office hit record. Lets recount here:

- one guy pulls your pony tail
- one guys says that you should dress up like a french maid (among other things)
- one guy wants you to "Bring him a present" before he'll even talk to you.

This is fucking bullshit and you don't need to stand for it anymore. Talk to your parents about this, I'm serious.

On a side note, the Westerberg track is good, but it's hardly Seattle music. The best tracks in Singles are the two Pearl Jam sides ("Breathe" and "State of Love and Trust" respectfully). They are perhaps the two finest cuts Pearl Jam ever committed to tape.
ali--get your dad and stepmom on those fuckers
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