Sunday, March 06, 2005

Not so young anymore...

On Wednesday I turned 25. I feel older. No, I am not going to start eating dinner at 4:30pm and going to bed at 8pm, but I do feel that 25 is a bit older sounding. Anyway, Saturday night I went out on the town for a girl's night out with some friends. We got all ready, ate some tasty Qdoba and then began the drinking. I had many drinks over the course of the evening. I started with some mixed drinks at my friend's apartment, then some martinis at a bar. Then we took a cab into Broadripple, where I had a few beers and a shot! Somewhere along the evening I also smoked some cigarettes, something I really never do, but I was a little drunk at this point. Finally around 4am we made it back to my friends house and went to sleep on the couches, floor, and for me the blow-up mattress. I also talked to my brother-in-law Peter at about 3:30 in the morning according to my cell phone, although I do not remember the conversation. Then morning hit. UGH I sounded like an old man from my smoking and yelling and I felt like dog poo. I am seriously getting too old for that kind of night. I had a ton of fun, but man it is going to take me a couple days to fully recover. So, don't post any comments about how 25 isn't old, because I know that, but damn it is getting harder and harder to stay up almost all night and drink a lot. I know someone out there can feel my pain, which I am still feeling. I can't wait to go to bed and sleep it off!
Hey Steph, happy belated birthday. I am putting your date down in my book so I can keep better track of these things. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself! I totally agree about the getting older bit- every time I go out and drink I feel like total shit the next day. AND I want to eat disgusting, greasy food to help the hangover. Yay Steph!
... and many more (on channel 4).
Happy b-lated b-day, Steph! Glad to hear you had fun getting sloshed. Of course, you know what I'd recommend for any hangover ;-)
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