Monday, March 14, 2005

The Last to Know

What's Rockin' My World Right Now:
3) I discovered a cure for the allergies that have been driving me crazy, despite what everyone says about Arizona's dry heat being great for allergies. And that cure is...bee pollen! Random, I know (and nasty as hell to chew, so i just swallow it up), but it works. Anything not to have to stuff my purse with a bunch of tissues every time I leave the house like a grandma.
2) All of the citrus trees are blooming so it smells so damn good outside (except for when I'm driving by the sewage treatment plant...that's a whole different story).
1) I'm on spring break! Yay for the college schedule...Natasha gets here in a couple hours for some fun in the sun.
And related to #1...I'm watching TRL for the first time in months, and Lindsay Lohan's craptastic video is on. I'd heard it sucks, but man...where are her friends to tell her she's embarrassing herself? "Don't wanna be the last to know" deep. Too bad that you're gonna be the last to know that you CAN'T SING!
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