Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Wisconsin Blows a Cheese Wad

Hey Friends, just checking in....Matt and I were in Madison,Wisconsin yesterday so I could attend a workshop designed to teach me how to body slam angry pre-teens without knocking anyone's teeth out. Translation: handling kiddies with severe anger issues. Just wanted to let y'all in on a little secret: Masison, WI sucks. I was jazzed to visit , stay at a hotel on the "downtown" square, and be all bohemian in this little college enviornment. So such luck. It snowed/rained the whole time we were there and I somehow lost my love for college towns when I saw 18 year old girls wearing denim miniskirts and uggs, sans hosiery, in 30 degree shitty weather. Needless to say, we didn't blend in. At a lunch spot on the campus's main drag, the teen server acually called us sir and ma'am. My immediate thought: Do I really appear that uncool and middle aged?

Off to Atlanta tomorrow for a few days of warm and sun (I really hope). I am looking forward to this trip as I have only driven through Atlanta and been in the airport. Home, however, is the best....as I testify after sleeping in my own bed last night. Here are just a few reasons why:

-you can sleep/hang out in bed without worrying who fucked on the pastel comforter blanket that they never change in hotels.
-when you hear someone fucking in the apartment above you, you know who they are, as opposed to the people fucking in the next hotel room, who must be weird and having some sort of affair or kinky action.
-you can open your bedroom window and no one's worried that you might jump out
whoa shan; i don't think i've ever heard/read you drop the f bomb. wisconsin must really be that bad.
Yeah Shan, if you ever find your self in need, I find that "Boffing" makes a tidy substitute for the f-bomb. Just try saying it... "Boffing" ... doesn't that sound nice?
Wow, sounds like somebody has the painters in. Maybe things would look a littel rosier if you took that chip off your shoulder before you travel.
Smile and say "Cheese"!
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