Friday, February 04, 2005

Who's that (CRAZY) Lady?

I have a question for all of you readers out there: what constitutes living somewhere? If you spend every night at a place; shower there; do your laundry there; have a key and come and go as you please; spend all your free time there; and refer to going to the place you supposedly live at as going to visit...WHERE do you actually live? WHERE should you being paying the bills at? And, an even more pressing question...who would do something like that? I'll tell you who: my brother's girlfriend Lisa, aka Crazy. Jennie can vouch for me on this one; one of the first stories she told Jennie was about the time she got busted for having concealed weapons. What were those weapons, you ask? Is it like at the airport where they consider a nail file to be a dangerous weapon? No. Crazy had brass knuckles and a knife! Keep in mind this is only 1/5 charges on her record. And yes, this fine young thing has a key to my house. Will I ever be in a decent living situation???!!!
oh man, i'm so sorry about the roommate problems. at least i hear your place is really nice!
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