Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Spaztic Sex

I was watching an episode of Sex and the City last night and a thought occured to me....

Why are the women always considered the unstable spazzes in relationships? I couldn't stop thinking about how psychotic the characters on that show are. They are obsessive! (The show was addressing this through the relationship of Carrie and Big, but all the female characters are like that from what I've watched so far).

In my relationship with Matt, it's a well documented fact that I am the spaz and he is the pulled together one. Sometimes I actually feel guilty for taking up all the emotional "space" between the two of us. So tell me: are women programmed to be this way and men taught to restrain everything and let others have visible anxiety attacks? I already know the answer.

Shan...I just had to comment. I think that at times women can seem more emotional, but I think in my experience you actually spend a lot of time in a relationship just trying to get your bf or hubby to open up and tell you whats really going on in their life. I think men are a lot more complex then we think or even they think. Maybe I am totally wrong, but I know I feel like I am more emotional at times in my relationship with Paul, but then there are times when he is totally high maintence. So, maybe it goes both ways, but I think society is more likely to accept a crazy women then a whining emotional man.
You know, a few years ago I would have totally agreed with you on this but I really do think, for a lack of a better term, boys are becoming more i guess girly. or emo or something. It seems to me at least in my situation there are no clear cut stoics and spazzes. sure, mike is way more laid back than my high-strung ass, but i still don't know how to explain the exes and even male friends that keep calling "just to chat" and tell me about how they want to find that right girl, get married and settle down and be stay at home dads and get all emotional on me. it's kind of disconcerting.
well, as a self declared "boyfriend" girl, i am usually the one getting annoyed when guys want me to spend the night and cuddle or begin the emotional rollercoaster. perhaps it's just the guys i date, but men do seem way more emotional and analytical than i am. not that i don;t trip about relationships and play the psyhco girlfriend card when i necessary, but really, there's no need to sweat the small stuff. i enjoy sex and the city, for sure, but yeah, the characters are somewhat crazy! women are simply looking to connect and communicate, simple as that, and when this isn't happening, they freak out! after working at camp in close quarters with seven other women, i find this to be so clear. women are often more analytical, questioning, sensitive, and talkative than men, and that is why we rock :)
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