Saturday, February 19, 2005

Knowing is Half the Battle

More than anything right now, I am bitter. Damn, stupid, ugly flu virus has kept me down for the count for about 10 days and totally out of commission for a total of three....and it's sunny and gorgeous outside!! Ugh, but rest assured, after two days of chillin' out max on the couch, I am fully up to date on how Ashlee, Nick and Jessica, Lindsay, and the rest of the Hollywood crew are doing.

However, all of this free time has got me a thinkin'. That and an interesting belated Christmas gift from Sean, the ex. How do you know when someone else truly knows you? Is it when your boyf gives up the remote on Sunday morn so you can catch up on E!? Or when a friend selects the perfect outfit and says it would look better on you?

In my mind, two things stand out:

1. When anyone can recommend a band or group that I would like is clutch.

2. If a fella can pick out a fantastic piece of jewelry (and I don't mean diamonds necessarily).

Of course there are more, but those two were my initial thoughts. How 'bout you?
I think someone really knows you when they can look at you when you are really upset and help you realize what is really bothering you and help you calm down! And when they know your moods, as annoying as that can be.
sorry to hear you're feeling crappy, buddy...get well soon! anyway i definitely agree with the music time someone recommended this AWESOME band keane to me and i just couldn't get enough. they ROCKED so hard i couldn't stand to be at the concert. it was that good, if you catch my drift. :)
whatever, jenny, not everyone can sound like dave matthews or ani di franco....
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