Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I Dream of Babies

Congratulations on all of your newborns, ladies. I had this really vivid dream last night that Jennie, Alison, Boots and I all had some babies...the rest of you lucky gals got off scot-free. Lately whenever I hear of someone getting all pregnant or see a movie about kids (we watched The Forgotten last night), I have some dream/nightmare that I'm either pregnant or have a baby. Last night's was particularly vivid, to the point where I woke up kind of afraid to take my birth control pill and harm the baby! I got over it. Anyway, the plot was, Shannon had gotten pregnant and was due this summer, but then Jennie, Alison, and I all gave birth within the span of a couple days and stole her thunder. None of us knew we were watch out. But we were pretty jazzed to all have babies the same age so they could play together. Mike, you were in the dream too, as a fine, attentive father...good work!

This is definitely the scariest thing I'll read all week.
you're telling was just too damn vivid!
Babies?! Please don't let this blog turn into a baby forum. I like Alison's stories about her underwear more than stories about the cutest thing that "Ben" did the other day. They're always named "Ben." At least they are with those creepy women who wear calico dresses and don't use conditioner. Ugh, I just got the chills. I think I just puked a little in my mouth.
I second that. Kids are super neat and all, but I'm still at the point when I can just feel the raging headache start hatching as soon as I hear some toddler whining or screaming (not that I don't do my own whining and screaming still) at the grocery store. It just does something bad to me and I have to leave the area before a blood vessel in my forehead bursts.

But hey, Grant, just because you have naturally shiny and silky locks doesn't mean you can clown on the poor calico-clad Ben mothers of the world.
whoa...I had a dream that Jenny just had a baby too. And today at work someone said that according to certain astrological alignments, today is a particularly strong day for conception. Looks like I'll be sleeping on the couch tonight just to be safe!
Ugg. Not to jazzed about children today. I cleaned up vomit that consisted of apple pie thingys and orange juice. I've now encountered and cleaned up every bodily fluid.
Have fun with your babies, ladies. I always thought giving birth would be about as much fun as shitting out a squirrel.
Although, I love babies and can't wait to have some of my own...I was holding a baby today and it spit up all over me! Please tell me its not as gross when they are your own!!??
dude, that's heavy. but seeing as though i am going through an abstinent period, it would take a freaking miracle of the lord (aka immaculate conception) for me to pop one out anytime soon! interestly enough, i too have a vomit story: yesterday we were doing a school visit to get the kids hype for camp and this little buddy totally threw up in his hand and was running down the hall to tell a teacher while still vomiting! yuck, i was happy that i skipped breaky fo' shiz!
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