Friday, February 11, 2005

I am such a freakin' idiot

Last week one of the secretaries at my work (not to be confused with my personal secretary...riiight) borrowed my digital camera to take pictures of her computer screen. Why she couldn't just take screen shots of what she needed, I'll never know. But anyway. I usually use rechargeable batteries (by the way, my grandma pronounces them bat-trees. just thought you'd like to know), but this lady put regular batteries in the camera when she saw mine were running low. I knew this, but I just let it slip my mind. This morning I had to photograph an engineering training session and by the time I was ready to go, my camera indicated my batteries were low. So of course I took them out of the camera and shoved them into my charger and plugged that shit in. Now, about two hours later I hear a loud pop and look over at the charger to see one of the batteries leaking acid all over the place. Then a second one blew. I think I have all of the acid cleaned out of the guts of the charger, but I'm kind of freaked out about using it again. I don't want to tell my boss because he'll think I'm completley mentally deficient, which might not be too far off from the truth. The acid all over my finger probably isn't going to help anything. Ay yi yi.

On a dumber note, last night I had a dream that Snoop Dogg was my brother and for some reason my crime-fighting partner and I had to kill him. So I busted a cap in Snoop's ass (and chest) and he came back as a Little Tykes car for kids. I'm seriously serious here. And in a Stephen King's Christine-like twist, his soul lived on in the plastic car and the car would go around killing people in the night. Yeah. I'm pretty sure I knew it was fake all along because the car didn't have hydraulics.

So despite all this I had some job interviews in Chicago (or surrounding suburbs) yesterday, and one of the places wants to hire me as an intern for a month and then take me on full time if they like me. It's a PR firm that's super cool and everyone who works there is very nice and fun, but I will have to take a significant paycut (scary seeing as how my cost of living will definitely go up) along with the risk that they'll boot my ass to the curb in a month or so if they don't like me. Choose my own adventure! What should I do, people?
i say you go for it, alicat, and congrats on the opportunity! as if anyone could ever boot you to the'd outboot them any day. if you're worried about money, you could always find a second part-time gig.
Um...hey. I just noticed an old comment of yours on Stereogum where you mentioned that you're in Bloomington, so I popped over here for a gawk. Cos I'm in Bloomington, too. I'm the Fluxblog "designer"/"illustrator" and I did promo materials for the recent Stereogum/Fluxblog DJ night. Which is pretty uninteresting, I guess.

Anyway. Hello.
"pick me, pick me" says PR firm!! this is such an awesome opp for you, alison, and i feel like i can give you a million cliches about how no one ever writes "made phat cash" on his/her epitaph....but i won't. as long as you love your job, the money won't seem like much of an issue!
Congrats on the job, desert mouse! Take it! Living in B-town is so 2004.
Go for it, Alison.

I can sooo relate to the story. I worked for free the first three months I was out here in LA, letting my savings go dangerously close to E, when my cost of living quadrupled. It's scary at first, but you get creative living light.

You have an internship where you can wow them, a boyfriend waiting for you, and Shan, Matt, and other wonderful folks there when you need a pat on the back. What else do you need? Go. Now. We all love you, and know you can do it.
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