Friday, February 11, 2005

Friday Five

I thought I would beat Alison to the punch and come up with a Top five list this morning....
Here it is my top five reasons for hating Valentine's Day:

1. The jewelry all of the jewelers advertise is BUTT UGLY

2. Every guy that was an asshole all year round is expected to buy roses and candy for his annoying whining girlfriend, who complains if he doesn't spend a certain amount of money.

3. Everything is suddenly a Valentine's Day gift (example: I was getting some wine for a party tonight at Marsh and the sign said "Buy some wine for that special person for Valentine's Day." Seriously could I get Paul toilet paper and call it a gift?)

4. There is nothing to get a guy (if you wanted to get your bf or husband something)

5. And above all it's a lame holiday to make someone who isn't in a relationship feel bad about themselves for nothing!

What are your reasons for hating (or loving) Valentine's Day?
So true, Steph. When I called Sprint to ask about some service on my phone, the saleswoman was like, "If you get a second line, you can have a free phone." I was all, "I don't want another phone or line." and she was all. "Buuut. It's Valentine's Day!" WTF? Who cares? Am I going to give someone a phone on valentine's day?

On the other hand, I do love Valentine's Day because of the candy. I already got my presents from Mike and among them was a giant cereal bowl. Best gift evah!
so true about the butt ugly jewelry...i was flipping through a sears ad last sunday and the first couple pages were covered with this horrifying heart-shaped jewelry with rubies all up in it. i played a little game with jon called "what would you get me if you HAD to buy something on these pages?" we came up with nothing!

but all in all, v-day is ok by me; i like giving out those little kids' valentines and i might even bring some candy to class with me!
Amen Stephanie!
5. And above all it's a lame holiday to make someone who isn't in a relationship feel bad about themselves for nothing!No doubt, v-day should also be known as "Single-awareness Day" because that's really what it is.
I don't know. I've been single on valentine's day, and it didn't really bother me. In fact, I broke up with a guy the day before just because I'd rather be alone than wasting my time in a janky relationship. I think the guy was ok with it; he wanted to go to a basketball game instead. I just try to use valentine's day as a way to let everyone i love know i'm thinking about them.
well, as the voice of singles on this blog, i don't much mind v-day. actually, i lied, i love it! it's one of the busiest days of the year at sully's and this blessed year, it falls on a monday, so that means the whole weekend will be hopping! wahooooo...also, i love having an opportunity to give out snacks and corny kids valentines!
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