Friday, February 04, 2005

Friday Five Hits the Dope Spot

Since I essentially behave like an 83-year-old woman with osteoperosis, (this is not the same thing as having an "old soul") one of the greatest joys I get in life is reading the For Better or For Worse comic strips daily. It's funny! It's a soap opera! Really, it's neither. Well, this recent installment in the gripping tale of slutty eighth grader Becky and the older high school boy had me scratching my blue hair. I guess I'm just not down with the kids' jive talk these days.

Read it here.

"Hands On?" "Gig?" "Roadside?" What the hell are these kids talking about? Why can't they just use the timeless classic that everyone can enjoy and understand: "Becky? She a ho!" I'm not the only one who thinks Lynn Johnston, the comic's author is on "crack." (see here and here...ooh, you can even get a t-shirt at this one.)

This talk of "hangin' high" (I guess Becky's on drugs too. Maybe she'll crash through a window on angel dust like Helen Hunt in that old after-school special) got me thinking. I may not have ever been "roadside," but most of us have had our fair shares of "gigs" in our days. I may or may not have even "been there" once or twice. When you think about sex, and all the other various acts and people involved ("gigs" "players" "strumpets" etc.) there are innumerable hilarious and fitting slang terms to use.

Here are my Top 5 Terms for All Things Sexual
1. Knockin' boots
2. Taking the skin boat to tuna town (courtesey of Matt Hautman)
3. Boning
4. Getting your freak on
5. and of course...Hitting the dope spot.

What are some other classics? People who read this, comment just to say hi for the love of Pete! Make my Friday!
g'mornin alicat! i checked the blog this morning thinking, no way will there be any fresh posts...i always forget that you're 2 hours ahead of me. talk about hittin the dope spot! anyway it's too early for me to think of some slang terms, but i'll get on that later.
Wanna play Stabcrotch?
don't forget riding the baloney pony...

Classic Grumpy Old Men, I needed something to brighten this Friday.

Hittin' It
Gettin' it on

Ummmm I cannot think of anymore! I suck at this one!
1) layin' pipe
2) choning (thats courtesy of john--never heard it anywhere or from anyone else) (its kind of like a combo of churning and boning)
3)el sexo ( i like that one when you watch a spanish movie how they say sexo...just makes me laugh)
4) bangin' --can't mess with a classic.
i can't think of a 5th one right now...
i'm partial to "doing the nasty"...
"Getting your kitty punched."
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