Thursday, February 03, 2005

Back in the Saddle Again

Ooooo, I have so much to share! First off, I am obsessed with Don Cheadle and his new movie, Hotel Rwanda. I am by no means a movie critic and pretty much enjoy most any movie I see, but this is amazing. Everyone that has chatted with me in the past week has heard my love for this film and I recommend you all go see this magnificent tribute to a hero who emerged from devestating circumstances. Most of us were in middle school when the genocide in Rwanda began and for me watching/reading the news was equivalent to cleaning the litter box, so this was pure enlightenment. Plus, Wyclef wrote the title track!

Going along with the movie, I have been pondering a significant line said by one of the UN Peacekeepers: "We are peacekeepers, not peacemakers". Now, I am going to get a little new age on y'all, but what do you think about this statement? Especially in a time where Pres. Bush is on a democracy tirade, seeking to bring "democratic freedom" to all corners of the earth, is America making peace in communist countries? Perhaps working at the Peace Learning Center has brought out my hippie side (drumming circle at the United States of Mind anyone?), but I hope I am actively making peace in my world.

Okay, lastly, I have some fabulous news! I am one step closer to moving to Denver as I have been accepted to their School of Social Work for the fall! Still keeping my fingers crossed for their law school......

Denver? Ohhhhh, you mean Chicago. That's awesome Jennie! We will totes have to hang out when you move to Chicago.
I almost went to see Hotel Rwanda this weekend and decided to forego the certain-downer, despite my undying love for Don Cheadle. The man is a total badass. Back to Rwanda, a lot of people don't realize that the genocide that took place / is taking place there far outweighs what the Nazis did during WWII. Not to mention Rwanda is the very definition of a 3rd world country, which only makes things worse. Some people in this world have no respect for human life, it's incredibly tragic.

I feel like such a worthless American when I sit around saying that Rwanda's genocide is incredibly tragic as a result of a movie putting that tragedy back on my radar. It just seems so ignorant for me to all of the sudden get onboard a cause like the one in Hotel Rwanda when just minutes before it started we (the royal we) are the ones caught saying "That Meet the Fockers flick looks A-OK, I might have to check that one out." Know what I mean?
jen, congrats on getting in to social work school in the denv! it's no asu, but at least you'll be a wee bit closer, + skiing fun for all!
congratulations, Jennie! I know you've been working hard for this.
yay! i'm so excited for you. hotel rwanda does look pretty amazing. get back to me in two years when i've seen it and we can have a discussion.
what school are you looking at in denver?? living in colorado is great. you'll really enjoy it.
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