Wednesday, January 05, 2005

A Window into Another World

Well, my job has hit a new low! I have a client who lives at an address called 550 1/2 in Haughville and little innocent me thought it would be a duplex. But when I arrived at the address I walked all around the area and couldn't find 550 1/2 until I noticed it spray painted haphazardly above a window at the back of the house. I looked around to make sure no one was watching and knocked on the window. Someone inside then yelled come in. To which I answered, where? They opened the window and in I climbed! These shady characters live in the back half of a house where there is no door! I mean seriously isn't that a fire code violation or something? If it wouldn't leave my clients homeless I would report the landlord, this is not fit for people to be living. Hmmmm just something to ponder......

On another note, having a husband who is in grad school has its perks when he has the week off and you are at work. The dog is walked, the trash is taken out, dinner is cooked, he even made fudge for us last night! What a guy:)

i totally feel you on that steph. john had monday off and made us a wonderful bean and fake bacon soup. we both decided it was the best soup we've ever had. yummmmm. he also loves to make me espresso now since he bought us that espresso machine at xmas. btw, what is paul studying in grad school?
How awesome would it have been if they had that Melissa Ethridge song playing when you showed up?
oh mike...
Leah, Paul is getting his master's in Environmental Science with a concentration in water resource management...sounds fun huh?
sound good indeed. we need more good people working on water conservation. yeah paul!
To make a bad joke worse, Leah, had you been standing next to me I probably would have sung you a few bars of that song along with a subtle little air-guitar to boot.

"Come inside, wiat by the li-heet of the moon"

Good stuff
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