Tuesday, January 04, 2005

We're A Jerk

[Alison, I hope you didn't forget this, but in case you did, I'm posting it so we can all laugh one more time.]

Alison and I can be known, at times, for laughing and making fun of stuff that other people totally think of as bizarre and weird. (Testify: Mike, Steph, Matt anyone, anyone?) On New Year's Eve, Alison, Matt, and I stopped by a party that Stephanie's friend was having. We met an interesting guy, and 5 minutes after we started chatting, he looks and Alison and me, points a finger, and says, "She's a jerk." It was very clear that he was referring to both of us, which indicates that we have reached a new level of jerkdom: we now qualify as the "singular jerk."

We looked at each other, and Alison said, "That guy just told us that we're a jerk!" A new joke was born.

The next day, Matt told me, "You know, you two totally are a jerk. I'm glad someone else beside me said so."

So Boots, it's been great being a jerk with you for the past 12 (?) years. How about 12 more?
bravo to being a collective jerk. i think that's fantastic. if you exemplify what is is to be "a jerk" well then sign me up.
Hey, am I that somewhat interesting guy? Anyway, did I call you guys a jerk? If I did I meant it in a semi-twisted compliment, I'm sure. You see, in my world, being sarcastic and somewhat of a "jerk" makes you interesting. My nickname in college was Mjr. Asshole and I took it as a compliment, which I think you have taken the jerk thing that way as well, so if that is the case, COOL!
I don't mean to get fiesty, but sometimes I do and it's magnified by both Shan and alcohol, so New Year's Eve was double trouble. I won't lie, sometimes we are a jerk, but we only mock because we love.

Being generally friendlier is something I need to work on anyway. On Sunday i got at mini lecture from Mike at Old Navy because I was too stern with the dressing room lady. It's not so much my state of mind (because the dressing room lady was perfectly nice), I just didn't act cheery enough to her. Maybe i need to get in a 12-step program or something.

Anyway Gabe, you're a cool dude, and I'm glad you started your own blog! And Shan, maybe our jerkiness will fade as we age like fine wines, but my money's on us becoming jerky old ladies someday.
Oh, I'm planning on being a jerk for the rest of my natural life. I'm also hoping to continue jerking people around from beyond the grave.

Gabe,I'm glad you have a good sense of humor. Alison and I have always known that we are a jerk, and it's good fun to meet a compatriot- "Mr. Asshole." Maybe we should form a superhero-like group?! (ps- what's your blog?)
Hey, how could I not find your post funny, I laughed out loud, love it! My blog is linked on your site, The Lighter People, lighterpeople.blogspot.com. I took some ideas from your guys site, but imitation=flattery and I linked you guys back. By the way, my nickname is even better than MR. Asshole, the Mjr. stands for Major as in a major in the Army (I've never enlisted) and Major as in BIG!!! So, we should absolutely form the League of Really Mean People and meet at the Hall of Sarcasm, or something like that.
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