Monday, January 24, 2005

Uptown, Baby Baaaby

So, Alison, I was nosing around on the "net" checking in on some Uptown web sites. I found a couple of good ones for history and whatnot. I thought you'd like to see...pretty interesting how they don't say much at all about the "decline" of Uptown post the golden movie age.

This site talks about the Jazz Age and the theaters.

This guy's site has a lot of info. about Uptown in general. He briefly chronicles the post- Jazz Age Uptown.

For all y'all that are interested, this is the neighborhood I live in. When Mike and Aly were up here looking for apartments, we were talking a bit about he history of this area. I

That's bananas, yo! I was just doing the same thing today! I can't wait to come to the Uptown pride festival. Uptown is such an interesting area with a lot of strange history. Who knew that it was such a major movie production mecca back in the day? It's always cool to know the history of the area and to realize how your neighborhood is evolving right as you're living there.
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