Monday, January 03, 2005

Top 5 Xmas Gifts

Admit it-- everyone likes getting gifts. Some of these items I like because I just want them, and others hold sentimental value. However, the most special moments of my holiday season were spent gorging on food, sleeping into the afternoon, watching cable tv like it was my job, participating in my annual holiday stomach flu hell (which typically includes vomiting), and fighting with certian family members. I am getting better, though. This year I refrained from telling people that I hate them (except for Matt, who gets that every day). Oh yeah, seeing family and friends was pretty fun, too. wink!

"My Favorite Material Things - Christmas 2004"

5. Dukes of Hazzard - Season 1
I actually gave this to Matt for xmas, but I have to say that I am enjoying the antics of Bo, Luke, and Daisy Duke. I actually found myself sniffling along to a very touching episode in which Daisy (in her dukes) tries to make it big in showbusiness. Isn't that every girl's dream, anyway?

4. Random items from the dollar store that my 10 year old brother, Shane, picked up for me. Batteries are actually nice to get for never know when you'll need them.

3. Tres chic business card holder that comes from Uncle Sammy's ladyfriend, Susan Reidweg. All the materials are synthetic...I'm a big fan of that.

2. Bracelet from my dad- I guess I'm still very much a Daddy's girl.

1. Once again, a gift given to Matt- Seinfeld Seasons 1&2. So Happy.
Shan, I feel ya on the gifts, I mean its nice to give, but it is very nice to receive as well. My favs this year were some seasons of sex and the city (i am sorry, but when you are home sick or being lazy its a great way to spend the day), a new yoga mat (my other one was getting funky), some perfume from Paul (i feel very grown up wearing it), and ofcourse spending time with fmaily and friends!
Let's see. I got some great gifts this year, so this might be tough.

1. Photo album from my stepdad. He recently took up photography (he does a lot of pinhole and makes his own cameras!) and I really like his work. He made me a gorgeous album of some of his photos and its really more like a personal coffee table book. I love it!
2. ipod. As somone wittier than I put it, it's my 40 gigs to freedom!
3. brown hair (this was a gift to myself...naughty naughty!)
4. William Safire's new book. I'm a sucker for words, so this should be fun to read.
5. sweater depiller. I've been asking for one of these for several years, so just getting one makes me feel validated and understood (barf)
1. espresso machine (see alison's comment on feeling validated because you asked for it) from john.
2. seinfeld season 3 (i already have seasons 1&2 and have watched them 5 times) from sis.
3. awesome synthetic leather handbag from Matt & Nat of Montreal..a really cool brand im into right now from mom.
4. money from various relatives (makes you not feel so bad for spending money on yourself before it's even!)
5. New Tree brand chocolate in my stocking from santa (john) its the BEST fucking chocolate ive ever good i needed to swear for emphasis.

ps--ali--lets see a post of your brown hair!! way to join the brunette club.
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Yep, sounds good to me.

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