Thursday, January 27, 2005

This is so Dibble!

Last night as I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep after hacking my lungs out (little sinus infection up in me), I got to thinking about how I need to be a better blogger and actually post something from time to time. In my 4:30 a.m. delirium, I think I had some pretty good subject ideas, but of course they're gone now. So I present to you the resurrection of the Thursday Quiz and the revelation of my lamest interweb habit.

I've been reading Baby-Sitter's Club fan fiction! Aren't I wacky and zany, just like Jean Teasdale. It all started innocently, I swear. One bored afternoon I was reading through the publishing and multimedia forums on Fametracker, when I noticed Baby-Sitter's Club. Once I clicked, there was no going back, or should I put it, there was going back every damn day,

If you're a girl born in the 80s (if you're not, sorry bout you) you read this series of books about some Connecticut teens whose sad, little lives revolved around babysitting. I think there were approximately 596 books in all, and at the time they seemed so cool, but looking back they were just totally embarrassing (the sitters made up their own language: dibble=short for incredible; stale=lame; fresh=opposite of stale, and on and on) not to mention unrealistic. Seriously, what group of eighth-graders really gets to go to New York, Disney World, on a cruise etc. in one year?

At the time, I also thought the girls in the club were pretty cool, but looking back I was wrong, wrong, so wrong.
Dawn=psycho environmentalist beyatch
Claudia=wtf???? do you remember all those messed-up outfits she wore? and how she kept food all over her room? Grody to the max!
Stacey=I hate to be the one to say it, but she was kind of a slut.
Mary Anne=every book just had to mention how she was sooo sensitive to the sun and always wore a caftan. What the hell is a caftan?
Kristy=she's a man, baby!
Let's not forget the junior members, Mallory and Jessi. Mallory was a huge dork who spent her free time drawing mice and pretending she had some Australian boyfriend. And Jessi, well she didn't bother me as much as the books' constant reminder that, "Jessi is just like us. Except she's black....not that there's anything wrong with that."

Ugh, now I know why my mom always rolled her eyes when I'd beg for these books all the time. Not that I was any cooler than these girls. At least they were making scrilla babysitting. So, if you haven't guessed it, we're all finding out which Baby-Sitter's Club member we are.
Damn, I knew I'd be Mary Anne. "You are Mary Anne Spier! You're action-packed with common sense, and you're very precise and neat, but always willing to help people in need. You're trying hard to find your own niche after conforming to everyone else's ways for so long.".

Action-packed with common sense? Jesus.

Here take the quiz yourself.

I guess I'm kind of a slut since I'm Stacey. I seem to remember her as being super perfect? I used to love these books...who knows why? I remember one girl from IHM who had ALL the was weird. I think my mom only let me get a few and then we had to hit up the library.
i too am slutty stacey. i always loved her last name. dont know why. she shares it with a small college in canada!

i loved these books with a passion and although i grew up in connecticut i didnt grow up in the right part apparently. stoneybrook middle school was way cooler than my elementary school. since iwas probably reading these books in 3rd grade. just like you read Seventeen Magazine when you're between the ages of 10-13. although ive picked it up a few times when browsing at barnes and noble to see what the "kids" are into today. its not different from what "adults" are into.

I remember the first one I got was the one where Dawn finds that secret passage in her bedroom. I thought that was some cool shit back in 88.
Well, apparently I am Kristy. Although I am not a man, I am a tomboy and I think I always will be a little. I used to read those damn books for hours until I realized no one was really like that in real life!
well, SHOCKingly enough, I am claudia aka the snacker. but i actually identify with and was always partial to claudia, except keeping snacks hidden in my pillowcase, shoe boxes, etc. is flat nasty, but none of the fellow sitters tripped about it.....see y'all at my crib next meeting!
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