Thursday, January 06, 2005

Roll with it baby....

Greetings kids! After a long hiatus from posting (but not from reading) this blog, one of my resolutions was to get back on here and start bloggin' like I've never blogged before. So here goes. Bear with me if I start off a little shaky.

Long hours at work means I have a little down time to do my favorite things, like IMDB my coworkers to see what shows they've worked on prior to our current one. I recently discovered that my boss was a dancer. Not only did she dance, but she was a featured dancer in the Steve Winwood music video, "Higher Love", with Chaka Khan...a name we could all say a few hundred times and NEVER get sick of. I think if I was selected to strut my stuff for dough behind the illustrious Stevie Winwood, I'd call my career quits, because it really doesn't get any better than that! Actually it does, as the boss was also a featured dancer in the 1984 breakdancing movie classic, Breakin', with Shabba Doo.

My memory of the "Higher Love" video is a little blurry, but I feel like there's an intense beam of light shining through a window backlighting Steve and Chaka, with dancers prancing around in the background with brightly lit unitards on. Am I wrong? Furthermore, it's near impossible to find a copy of the video, as everyone here in the office is DYING to see it. I put up a posting on Craigslist, and am hoping to find someone with a copy or website where I can find it. Any help from the folks at PTW would be much appreciated!
ill make it my lifes work to find you that steve winwood video. id rather see alison do an interpretive dance to the song though.

glad to have you back katie
Wow. Alison doing an interpretive dance to this WOULD trump all. That, or watching her cry to "Terms of Endearment." Wait a minute...
chut up!

okok, how's bout we show terms of endearment on a huge wall and i can interperative dance right in front of the prejctor so my silhouette is uh, projected right in front of debra winger? then i can do crazy, zany things like pretend to pick her nose.
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