Saturday, January 01, 2005

Just for the Macky

I am now locked in the kitchen, procrastinating writing my personal statement for social work grad school. After writing the intro paragraph, one half page, I decided to reward myself by making some dinner.... should've been a six course meal, because now I am back to the computer, expecting the thoughts to flow like water. As of now, my thoughts are iced over. So, obviously, I decided to post a bit to get those creative juices flowing and because Mike is insulting us by comparing our fantastic blog to Byron's blog, aka, no post central.

Well, happy new year. Last night, I worked at Sully's. The eve was built up like a nail biting movie trailer, as most NYE's are, and then sunk worse than Gigli. But, I must say that the best part of NYE at Sully's is the balloons. Not only are they fun to suck the helium out of, it's hilarious when they pop and the shrapnel lands on people's tables or in their drinks. When this happens, I just laugh and say "Happy New Year!".

One last thought and then I will close this mundane post, I had a lady at my table ask me to help her with her ketchup. Literally the convo went like this:

Me: "How is your chow chow? Anything else I can get you?"

Her: "Fine, but can you help me with this ketchup? It won't come out of the bottle and surely you have some server trick that will make it come out."

Me: "Uh, they didn't cover this topic in server school, but I often find using a knife gets the flow going."

Her: "Well, here (hands me the bottle) make it come out."

Me: (Shaking the bottle) "It seems to be stuck. I guess you'll just have to do without ketchup."

Really? Really? People never cease to amaze me.....happy new year!

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