Thursday, January 20, 2005

I'm Lazy

And I don't really have anything to say. Since most of you out there aren't blessed with the Cat-a-Day calendar, (It's just sad the way my mother clearly loves me better than any of your mothers love you, isn't it?) I've decided to throw a couple of my favorite shots of the still-young year up here for your benefit. Yeah it's pretty pathetic, but I can't decide what's worse, the fact that I get sooo much joy from this desk calendar or that I've held onto these pages instead of throwing them in the trash, hmmmm....weeks ago? No, I know, it's that I took the energy to scan them and post them online.

Oh, and for those who wanted to see the new hair, here you go. Read the captions to sort of undersand the randomness (and sorry for all of the misspellings!)

On to the CATS:

I just like this one beacuse the orange cat looks so damn smarmy. I didn't know little animals could actually master skeevy facial expressions! Poor other cat getting all cathandled by that old sleazeball. If he were a person, he'd totally have a moustache (not to clown on my dad or anything; he's the anti smarm)

This one's just funny to me:

Silly! Everyone knows cats can't read!
that is so adorable. thanks for brightening my day with some feline fun. i really needed that . i wish i had a real pet to snuggle with when im stessed.
Ahhhhhhh, cats are so cute and fuzzy. I miss T.J., you just can't cuddle with a turtle. I like the hair, too, nice 50's flip going on. I'm not too sure 'bout that green shirt, though. I just don't know what to make of those poofy shoulders. Did Mike "Mr. Fashion" Hixer buy it for you?
yes, i love that pic of the black cat reading the book! i had to take my cat, fella, who is also a black cat with green eyes, to the vet on tuesday and they also have that crazy calendar and that was the pic of the day....i saw it as we were checking out and i asked fella when it was that he began modeling for calendars. he gave no comment.....
no, teddy, mike is a little skeptical of that shirt too. i don't know what my deal is, but i'm all about the puffy shoulders these days.

i'm sure T.J. misses you and the turbodome even more!
i like puffy sleeves. boy are afraid of them and im not sure why.
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