Sunday, January 02, 2005

Holy Squirrel

I have a good post for today, thanks to Jennie for keeping the blog alive during the holiday season. I have been in Vermont for awhile, so I haven't been able to post, but today something interesting actually happened.

Paul and I were sitting upstairs where our computer is this morning when we heard a loud bang. We both thought it was Max (my mischievous cat) knocking something over. So, Paul headed downstairs only to yell "Oh F*#k". I was still upstairs, but standing near the steps. He yelled, "Get Max, there is a squirrel in the house" and then he yelled, "Get something to help me" So I grabbed Max and ran upstairs and put him in our room and started to run back downstairs with a blanket. I have no idea how the blanket would have helped, but seriously I did not have much to choose from. I then saw the squirrel in our living room and panicked and ran back upstairs. Paul managed to get it our through our front door, Juno, our dog was hurling herself at the back door trying to get in.

Apparently, the squirrel had gotten in through our chimney and fallen into our house through the hole where the wood stove would have been. It landed on our lamp (and ruined the shade) and brought with it a ton of leaves and black dust from when the stove pipe was actually used! Basically it was a mess. We cleaned it up and called our landlord who lives in South Carolina and she is going to replace the shade and get someone here to fix the hole. Paul was able to fix it temporarily with some cardboard (real classy like).

Anyway, I know it may not sound exciting in writing, but it was pretty damn scary. I guess that's what I get for saying I was bored!
tee hee, Steph. Had a similar experience with a family of racoons that lived in our chimmney in college. Scary!
ooh, Mike and I had a similar run-in with a bat last year. I feel you on the scampering back upstairs!
we thougth there was a squirrel in our ceiling as we could hear crawling around back in boulder and we had someone come and check it outl. much to my horror he said it was probably a rat. EEEEEwwwww. john went away for the weekend and i freaked out from the scratching and crawling noises and had to stay in a hotel. pretty embarrassing huh?
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