Friday, January 21, 2005

Friday Five....Take it or Leave it

That's right, the Friday Five is back with a vengance. Actually it's back with an overwhelming stench of ambivalence. Let's talk about those things you just don't give a damn about. Not anything you love, not anything you hate *cough....Scott Stapp/Colin Farrell....cough* , just those things that seem to matter to at least some segment of the population, just not you.

Here goes:
1. Vitamins
2. Award shows (ie: Oscars, Grammys, Golden Globes et al)
3. Lindsay Lohan's real/fake boobs
4. The OC
5. Steroid scandals in sports

Try to pick out a few things that make you go "meh." It's harder than you think.
Things that don't really mean much to me"

1. "Fancy" gas for my car
2. Home improvement shows on TV
3. Brad and Jennifer splitting up
4. All of the weird names stars are giving their babies
5. Alison's cat-a-day calendar

HAHA...Hey all of you should check on A Citizen's Guide to Democracy in America by Jon Stewart, I gave it to Paul for his bday and its really funny!
fin, steph! i won't post anymore kitty goodness! you're missing out though
Ali, maybe, just maybe I am sercretly jealous of the cat-a-day calendar!
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