Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Chex Your Head

One of the greatest joys in my life is eating snacks, sad but true. It's just such a shame that one of the best salty snacks ever, Traditional Chex Mix, is marred by those damn pretzels. The white and rye bagel chips? Sublime. The wheat and corn Chex? Tasty and Tastier. Hell, I'll even eat those "fun-shaped" squiggle mini breadsticks. But I draw the line at those damn soggy pretzel windowpanes and circles...and can you guess what makes up the majority of the bag? The pretzels, of course. I refuse to eat them, so not only do I have to dodge around them while I'm trying to get to the good stuff, but I end up with an almost full bag of the pretzels and I feel cheated and dirty.

Now I'm no inventor, but how cool would it be if gas sations and convenience stores (the main source of all of my food purchases) had a mix your own Chex machine? It could be like all of those scoop your own candy things where you could add all the bagel chips and corn Chex you wanted but could completely give the cold shouder to those fucking disgusting pretzels. Hey, if it went well, they could even get a Bold N' Zesty machine too. What inveventions would just make your life so much awesome?

On a less Andy Rooneyish note, here are some cool links:

Want to learn how to make an iPod battery pack out of an Altoids tin?

Want to see female mugshots from the 1940s?

Maybe you need a laptop case that looks just like a pizza box. Personally, I'm partial to the White Castle Crave Case for all of my important professional documents.

Also, I just wanted to let you know my mom got me one of those tear-away kitty a day desk calendars for me for Xmas. And I love it!I have a kitty calendar, work in an office in southern Indiana, and my ass is probably spreading day by day from sitting in my tapestry flowered office chair. Somebody put me down when I show up with feathered bangs and start handing copies of this out as gifts.
I agree with the make your own food idea! I wouldn't put the nasty orange swedish fish in my candy or the nasty green skittles! Also, the orange starburst. I love candy, probably a little too much, but I hate that I can't pick the flavors. On a sorta of candy/food note, any ideas on how to store fudge once you make it? Paul made some tasty peanut butter fudge and I don't want it to soften or freeze. Any ideas?
totally feeling you on developing office-chair-ass. I feel like my ass becomes molded to the seat and just expands to epic proportions. It takes a lot of healthy movin about to feel good again.

In reference to 1.21's comment about hating celebrities, I think my object of supreme hatred is Celine Dion. I hate celebrities who act like their lives are perfect...especially on talk shows and EXTRA. Celine Dion just acts like she loves everything and everyone, and every little aspect of her life is just blessed by sunshine (or gold coins?). The jerk says: please.
At least they got rid of the peanuts in the cheesy chex mix a while back. Those were just distracting. Unfortunately, they also changed the cheese recipe at the same time -- the new powdered cheese stuff is nowhere near as good as the old powdered cheese stuff.

In fact, let's forget the "mix" -- just give me the Chex coated in powdered fake cheese, yummmmmmmmmm.

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