Friday, January 28, 2005

Friday Five...Taking a Little off the Top

Last weekend when Mike and I were in Chicago looking for 'partments, I saw the best name for a barbershop ever: "Surgeon of Fades." Hell yes, I want to get all faded up with the utmost skill and precision possible, not by some shaky old man. If I were a guy, I'd be in that place lickety split. That's the thing I kind of enjoyed about Chicago, all of these haircutting places had simple, to-the point names like "UNISEX." I can get underneath those scissors. When you live in southern Indiana, you mostly get all these frosty lipped, permed women running hair salons out of their carports all Steel Magnolia's Truvy style (only the places are filled with stale cigarette smoke, there's always a shady tanning bed in the back and the woman who runs the place is nowhere as cute or charming as dolly parton). I mean seriously, do you really want any of the overbleached, prom updoed ladies above getting her mits on your head? What really gets me is the awful, awful names these salons are given in the name of "creativity" and "origniality." If I had a dollar for every time I've seen one of the following hair salon names while I drive through Desolation, Indiana, I'd be able to buy each and every one of you your very own Topsy Tail to spruce up your next Glamour Shot.

Top 5 Cliched and Annoying Hair Salon Names:
5. Shear Perfection (or any other variation thereof, ie: Shear Magic, Shear Delight, Shear Wizard....these all actually exist in Bloomington)
4. A Cut Above
3. Cut N' Dried
2. Mane Street Salon
1. The Cutting Edge

Actually, I could go on: The Cut Hut, Tangles, The Hair Affair, Close Cuts,Be Hair Now.
Though these are all so bad I just want to run into the salons and stab out my eyes with some dull scissors (who really uses the word shears anyway), one of the worst has to be when letters are altered for the sake of alliteration, such as Kim's Kutting Korner. For more on that, see this funny page. I didn't include alliteration-based names because because this affliction is most commony found in the world of child care (Kiddie Kare....hurl!).

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Dessert Malfunction or Breast Snack Ever?

Learn how to make Janet Jackson breast cupcakes, complete with nipple shield. (via Lindsayism)

Chut Up, Chiquita!

I have serious nutritional issues, and I doubt I'll live to see 30 at the rate I'm going. Last night I was craving fruit, which my body probably really did want seeing as how I've been eating pretty much only pizza, beer and 100 Grand bars for the past few days. When you're like me and wake up about 20 minutes before you have to leave for work, breakfast doesn't seem to happen too often (which is sad because I've been a breakfast devotee most of my life). So then at lunch today I decided to answer my body's bidding and get.....a milkshake. I don't know what I was thinking, but there I was, driving to Steak N' Shake, rationalizing that a maraschino cherry counts as fruit. When I got there, I decided to do even better for myself and go ahead and go with the Banana Split Sippable Sundae. Bananas, strawberry topping and that chemical-coated cherry shall count as my fruit for the day (let's not lie here)...ok week probably. (It serves me right that as soon as I opened the lid, whipped cream, strawberry and ice cream oozed out of the cup and into my console and all over my sunglasses. Oh well; that's nothing compared to the McFlurry debacle of 2002.) I have poor decision making skills when it comes to food, and I don't foresee them getting any better. One day I'm going to have the fattest, most cavity-ridden kids because I'll give in to their every junk food whim since I secretly want to eat it too.

Here's how a typical dinner conversation will go:
FAT SON: Mooom, what's for dinner?
ME: How's cereal sound?
FAT DAUGHTER: No, I'm sick of cereal. That's all you ever feed us. Can't you, you know cook something for us.
ME: Sorry, don't know how. Besides, the oven's all full of mommy's shoes since she ran out of closet space.
FAT SON: How about we have Twinkie sushi?
ME: Sounds good. Call me when it's ready.

The sad part is, I really like fruit and I'll eat just about anything––healthy or not––someone puts in front of me (just not sauerkraut). I just hate to cook and I'm too lazy to go to the grocery store.

Sometimes I really worry that I'm going to get scurvy and die. Then I have a mimosa and it's all better.

By the way, I just checked and my underwear is on inside-out again.

This is so Dibble!

Last night as I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep after hacking my lungs out (little sinus infection up in me), I got to thinking about how I need to be a better blogger and actually post something from time to time. In my 4:30 a.m. delirium, I think I had some pretty good subject ideas, but of course they're gone now. So I present to you the resurrection of the Thursday Quiz and the revelation of my lamest interweb habit.

I've been reading Baby-Sitter's Club fan fiction! Aren't I wacky and zany, just like Jean Teasdale. It all started innocently, I swear. One bored afternoon I was reading through the publishing and multimedia forums on Fametracker, when I noticed Baby-Sitter's Club. Once I clicked, there was no going back, or should I put it, there was going back every damn day,

If you're a girl born in the 80s (if you're not, sorry bout you) you read this series of books about some Connecticut teens whose sad, little lives revolved around babysitting. I think there were approximately 596 books in all, and at the time they seemed so cool, but looking back they were just totally embarrassing (the sitters made up their own language: dibble=short for incredible; stale=lame; fresh=opposite of stale, and on and on) not to mention unrealistic. Seriously, what group of eighth-graders really gets to go to New York, Disney World, on a cruise etc. in one year?

At the time, I also thought the girls in the club were pretty cool, but looking back I was wrong, wrong, so wrong.
Dawn=psycho environmentalist beyatch
Claudia=wtf???? do you remember all those messed-up outfits she wore? and how she kept food all over her room? Grody to the max!
Stacey=I hate to be the one to say it, but she was kind of a slut.
Mary Anne=every book just had to mention how she was sooo sensitive to the sun and always wore a caftan. What the hell is a caftan?
Kristy=she's a man, baby!
Let's not forget the junior members, Mallory and Jessi. Mallory was a huge dork who spent her free time drawing mice and pretending she had some Australian boyfriend. And Jessi, well she didn't bother me as much as the books' constant reminder that, "Jessi is just like us. Except she's black....not that there's anything wrong with that."

Ugh, now I know why my mom always rolled her eyes when I'd beg for these books all the time. Not that I was any cooler than these girls. At least they were making scrilla babysitting. So, if you haven't guessed it, we're all finding out which Baby-Sitter's Club member we are.
Damn, I knew I'd be Mary Anne. "You are Mary Anne Spier! You're action-packed with common sense, and you're very precise and neat, but always willing to help people in need. You're trying hard to find your own niche after conforming to everyone else's ways for so long.".

Action-packed with common sense? Jesus.

Here take the quiz yourself.


Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Ray LaMontange in concert in Louisville, KY. (Ali, that's why I missed your call. It was in this little bar/restaurant and it was a good show. Ray is this thin, bearded man with a very powerful voice. When he first starts to sing, it is not the voice you would expect to come out of his mouth. I was there with a co-worker, who has a major crush on him, so we spent some time after the show talking to him. He is painfully shy, but nice. I don't know if any of you have heard his music before, but you can listen to it on his website. The opener was David Berkeley and he was also enjoyable. I picked up one of his CD's and plan to listen to it today on my endless driving. Anyway, hope you are all having a great week, its almost over!

Monday, January 24, 2005

Uptown, Baby Baaaby

So, Alison, I was nosing around on the "net" checking in on some Uptown web sites. I found a couple of good ones for history and whatnot. I thought you'd like to see...pretty interesting how they don't say much at all about the "decline" of Uptown post the golden movie age.

This site talks about the Jazz Age and the theaters.

This guy's site has a lot of info. about Uptown in general. He briefly chronicles the post- Jazz Age Uptown.

For all y'all that are interested, this is the neighborhood I live in. When Mike and Aly were up here looking for apartments, we were talking a bit about he history of this area. I

Friday, January 21, 2005

Friday Five....Take it or Leave it

That's right, the Friday Five is back with a vengance. Actually it's back with an overwhelming stench of ambivalence. Let's talk about those things you just don't give a damn about. Not anything you love, not anything you hate *cough....Scott Stapp/Colin Farrell....cough* , just those things that seem to matter to at least some segment of the population, just not you.

Here goes:
1. Vitamins
2. Award shows (ie: Oscars, Grammys, Golden Globes et al)
3. Lindsay Lohan's real/fake boobs
4. The OC
5. Steroid scandals in sports

Try to pick out a few things that make you go "meh." It's harder than you think.

Shizzolate that shiznit

I plugged this site into Snoop Dogg's Shizzolator, and hilarity ensued. Try it with any site, kids!

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Jump On It!

It's time for me to jump back on the posting horse. I'm back in Arizona now...I would post the 10 day weather forecast here, but I think that just might lead to me getting a lot of hate mail and threats. However, it is amazing. I laid out yesterday while I did some reading for class and then swam some laps. To quote my archnemesis, I'm lovin it. I just think to myself, ahhh...Jan. 20th and I'm wearing a tank top and sandals. Finally, a state that's warm enough for me. As someone who can't look at a picture of someone, human or animal, in a wintry setting without thinking how cold they must be, I've finally met my match. Seriously guys...move! Or at least come and visit (but go tanning first).

Jon and I moved yet again, this time into a house with my brother (and basically his girlfriend, although she doesn't claim to live here and thus gets out of bills). This is the first time since college that I've known I'd be living somewhere long enough to bother putting effort into decorating. So far I've painted my room (it's a fine 2-toned green look), and my brother and I are going to paint the kitchen a snazzy cranberry color. It's nice to have more space, especially space that's not filthy dirty from a certain ex-roommate. And the best part is a big ol bathtub for bubble baths...that's what I'm talking about. Although usually I tend to get too antsy to sit in a tub for very long, but oh well. Still fun.

Here's a topic for discussion I was thinking about...what do you guys think about the way things turned out in Sex and the City? I realize it was a loooong time ago, but I personally was not a fan of how things wrapped up. Carrie and Big? I don't buy it. I thought as you grow up, the point is to learn to cut people out of your life that don't treat you well, not end up with them. I realize that they have a special bond, he's been there for her, and blah blah blah, but still. Better as friends.

I'm Lazy

And I don't really have anything to say. Since most of you out there aren't blessed with the Cat-a-Day calendar, (It's just sad the way my mother clearly loves me better than any of your mothers love you, isn't it?) I've decided to throw a couple of my favorite shots of the still-young year up here for your benefit. Yeah it's pretty pathetic, but I can't decide what's worse, the fact that I get sooo much joy from this desk calendar or that I've held onto these pages instead of throwing them in the trash, hmmmm....weeks ago? No, I know, it's that I took the energy to scan them and post them online.

Oh, and for those who wanted to see the new hair, here you go. Read the captions to sort of undersand the randomness (and sorry for all of the misspellings!)

On to the CATS:

I just like this one beacuse the orange cat looks so damn smarmy. I didn't know little animals could actually master skeevy facial expressions! Poor other cat getting all cathandled by that old sleazeball. If he were a person, he'd totally have a moustache (not to clown on my dad or anything; he's the anti smarm)

This one's just funny to me:

Silly! Everyone knows cats can't read!

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Basically, I don't have a good title, because this post is not really about anything in particular. But the other day I was at my fav store Target perusing the aisles with no time constraints, which is the best way at Target when I noticed a young teenage girl (you know that awkward middle school age) looking at the hair straightners. I was picking up some much needed hair rubber bands, which I seem to go though exceedingly fast. Anyway, the girl was looking very awkward and was obviously studying the hair straightners with great concentration. I then noticed her very beautiful and very made up mother come up and tell her to hurry up. Then the women said and I quote (because for some reason I was still picking out the hair rubber bands) "Why even spend money on one of these, you hair is always a little weird" The poor girl's face just fell. I tried to make eye contact with her, but it was hopeless, I wanted to beat that stupid mom!

So, I left Target with a sad feeling, which is no way to leave Target, but somehow even though I only came in there for 1 thing, I left with about 5....oh well, it happens.

Why is it when it is cold outside everyone complains about how cold it is? I mean today I was out walking the damn dog, like always and it was damn cold, but I really don't want to be reminded about how cold it is. I then went to the gym later and everyone was complaining that it was cold outside...DUH! I mean we are all cold, we all are pale, we all have dry skin and hair. Not too much we can do, except move....hmmmm that's an idea!

Oh and to post along with Ole Macky from 1.21 I have to mention that we recently purchased these chicken pot pies from Costco, thinking they would be a good meal, but I looked at the nutritional info on the side and Holy Shit, those things are terrible for you! These are the little ones and I think they have around 650 calories in one and over 50 grams of saturated fat. I refuse to eat one. If I am going to eat something bad for me, it will be something awesome, like cheesecake or double chocolate cake, not chicken pot pie for god's sake! They will be for Paul.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Crazy Ass Dreams

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

What an embare-ass-ment!

So I just went to the ladies room here at the office and realized that my underwear is on inside-out. Despite being taught how to dress myself more than 20 years ago, this sort of thing happens more often than it should. Ever since I was a little kid I've had a problem with putting things on backwards and inside out. My mom would have to show me how if you put a shirt with the tag facing up on a bed or any surface in front of you, the tag would magically end up on your back. Despite this widsom, my dressing problems didn't end there. I remember going to kindergarten one day only to discover I had put on not one, but two pairs of underwear.

Being a five-year-old and running around with both Wednesday and Thursday across my ass is one thing, but I feel sort of lame kicking it in my "grownup" office with my underwear on inside-out. At least I've never put on an thong backwards or anything. Ouch! Speaking of, this whole grownup thing has kind of amplified my embarassing moments, and since I'm in a confessional mood, you're going to get to hear about it.

Like for example, how mature did I feel when I actually threw up at work a while back because I was so hungover? I wrote about it in my journal then, but I was too ashamed to shout it out to the world for obvious reasons. Here goes:

Today is not going so hot and let me tell you why. Last night, Mike and I went to the Crazy Horse and met up with Paul (that's Steph's husband) to have a few cocktails. So I had an assortment of mixed drinks and beer. When we went home (ugh, I can barely stand to write this) I decided we all should have a glass of white wine. I don't even like white wine so I was obviously off the rails. What was fun, however were the many, many Oreos I decided to eat. Mike busted out his records and I made us watch the opening scene of Dawn of the Dead on mute while listening to Crosby, Stills and Nash. There's nothing quite like listening to 'Our House' while a little zombie child chews the hell out of some poor guy's neck. I also made us watch the opening scene of Harold and Maude where he pretends to hang himself (this is my favorite movie ever). Geez, I'm kind of a bossy drunk, huh? (ed's note: I promise never to mention this movie again on the blog)

ANYWAY, so I decide to go to bed, but soon realize I'm going to throw up...and I literally did toss my cookies...and some Cap'n Crunch I ate earlier in the night. Now this was all in the little bathroom trashcan that Mike brought over for me to use. He hung out and held my hair back for me, bless him. So this morning I woke up feeling kind of shitty but ok. So I took a shower and got ready for work. As I was leaving I decided to take the liner out of the trashcan and put it in the dumpster. Because who wants vomited up Oreos kickin' it in their house? Not me. Well, apparently the bag had a leak in the bottom and all of his liquid barf dripped out and onto AND INTO my shoe ( not fancy Manolos, but $80 Kenneth Coles are no small change to me)! It was so disgusting. I obviously had to change shoes so I wouldn't be walking around my office with a pukey smelling foot.

I didn't think things could get worse but they did once I got to the office. I decided the first thing I needed was a 7-Up and some bready item to calm my still-queasy stomach, so I got a bagel. About 1/2 hour after eating it, I started to feel awful. I got some water but I could barely drink it I was so shaky and ill. This time I made it to the bathroom before chorking up the bagel. I can't believe I threw up at work because of a hangover. Like in an office setting with file cabinets and Dad-type guys slurping their coffee right outside the bathroom area. I don't think anyone know, but god I feel like an idiot. On the brighter side, my stomach does feel better now.

I do have some questions for myself though:
1. How did I get so barf-inducingly drunk from a few drinks spread out over a few hours? I don't drink a ton, but I shouldn't have thrown up from that. Hmmm, maybe the mixing? Or not eating much for dinner?
2. Why am I still here at work after the bagel incident? Why didn't I go home and crawl under my covers and watch some Litetime movie with my kitties? Because I'm a crazy masochist, I guess.
3. Why did I decide to go to McDonald's for lunch after all that? That's right, I hit up the golden arches about an hour ago and seem to be doing ok (knock on wood). I've heard that if you want to help a hangover, eat eggs and greasy food. Denny's takes to long so this was my only option.

So yeah it's pretty embarassing, but totally my fault. As was the little phone disaster I had last week. I'm working on a freelance article and I have to talk to a few people at record labels. This guy from Sub Pop was really cool and actually got back to me and give me an interview. Well, my phone has been having a few problems lately where it will beep and just randomly disconnect right as I'm saying hello. So I called the office and got this guy's secretary and she was all, "Hello, Sub Pop." Right then a voicemail came through on my phone. When this happens my phone makes the same beeping noise as above, so I automatically thought the call had disconnected. I of course yell out, "Goddammit!" and look back down at the phone to see that the call is still going on. Of course I did the mature thing and hung up on her only to have to call back and sheepishly apologize and get on with the interview. Ahh, professionalism is overrated.

Tell me I'm not the only one who acts like a spaz!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Even Greater Expectations

Just thought I would note that I am currently reading Great Expectations for my book club (we threw some classics in for good measure) and I am really liking it! I read in high school, probably with Shannon sitting next to me and I hated it. So, when I started it I thought I wouldn't like it, but surprisingly it is somewhat of a page-turner. Who knew? And if anyone wants any book suggestions I can put the list of books we are reading for 2005 for my book club up as a comment. Have a great Tuesday:)

Friday, January 07, 2005


Thank you all so much for the outpouring of song ideas for my spot. Unfortunately, my boss didn't like the spot anyways so not even a great song could have convinced him. Oh well! I'll be sure to let you know if I need another song for something else. Btw, I am shooting my first spot in the end of Jan for Jack in the Box. I dont think most of you have Jack in the Box in your areas so ill have to post the spot or something once it's done sometime in Feb. Heehee. If you live near and IKEA you'll hear those radio spots and see the TV though.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Roll with it baby....

Greetings kids! After a long hiatus from posting (but not from reading) this blog, one of my resolutions was to get back on here and start bloggin' like I've never blogged before. So here goes. Bear with me if I start off a little shaky.

Long hours at work means I have a little down time to do my favorite things, like IMDB my coworkers to see what shows they've worked on prior to our current one. I recently discovered that my boss was a dancer. Not only did she dance, but she was a featured dancer in the Steve Winwood music video, "Higher Love", with Chaka Khan...a name we could all say a few hundred times and NEVER get sick of. I think if I was selected to strut my stuff for dough behind the illustrious Stevie Winwood, I'd call my career quits, because it really doesn't get any better than that! Actually it does, as the boss was also a featured dancer in the 1984 breakdancing movie classic, Breakin', with Shabba Doo.

My memory of the "Higher Love" video is a little blurry, but I feel like there's an intense beam of light shining through a window backlighting Steve and Chaka, with dancers prancing around in the background with brightly lit unitards on. Am I wrong? Furthermore, it's near impossible to find a copy of the video, as everyone here in the office is DYING to see it. I put up a posting on Craigslist, and am hoping to find someone with a copy or website where I can find it. Any help from the folks at PTW would be much appreciated!


I need a list of the best songs about Change, Evolution, Growing Up etc for a spot I'm writing that talks about how much you've changed. It's a sentimental, inspirational kind of no funny songs. Preferably songs by artists that aren't Led Zepplin, the Beatles etc or things that would cost a FORTUNE to buy the rights to. Im listening to something from the New Pornographers that i like right now...and Bowie's Changes is always good but hasnt it been in a commercial before? Does anyone remember? Anyways....if you can help that would be awesome. 1.21 boys...i need you too!!

2004 really WAS Jon Stewart's year

Resident "dick" on CNN"S Crossfire, aka Tucker Carlson, has left the building. And he's taking the show with him too. CNN president Jonathan Klein sided with The Daily Show's Jon Stewart when he called the show out for being irritating, loud and partisan. Here's what he has to say about Stewart's assessment:

"I think he made a good point about the noise level of these types of shows, which does nothing to illuminate the issues of the day. Viewers need 'useful' information in a dangerous world and a bunch of guys screaming at each other simply doesn't accomplish that."


Infuencing CNN programming, Jon? In little more than a decade since You Wrote it, You Watch it, you've come a long way, baby. Seriously, as goofy as it was,YWI,YWI had all of my favorite actors from The State (by the way, sign this petition to get the show on DVD so I can add it to the ever-growing Netflix queue. Aww, remember when MTV used to be fun to watch?

Until the DVD comes out (and it can with YOUR help! Operators are standing by!), I guess you can tide yourself over with $240 dollars worth of pudding. Aww, remember when Michael Ian black was funny? This, on the other hand, is hilarious.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

A Window into Another World

Well, my job has hit a new low! I have a client who lives at an address called 550 1/2 in Haughville and little innocent me thought it would be a duplex. But when I arrived at the address I walked all around the area and couldn't find 550 1/2 until I noticed it spray painted haphazardly above a window at the back of the house. I looked around to make sure no one was watching and knocked on the window. Someone inside then yelled come in. To which I answered, where? They opened the window and in I climbed! These shady characters live in the back half of a house where there is no door! I mean seriously isn't that a fire code violation or something? If it wouldn't leave my clients homeless I would report the landlord, this is not fit for people to be living. Hmmmm just something to ponder......

On another note, having a husband who is in grad school has its perks when he has the week off and you are at work. The dog is walked, the trash is taken out, dinner is cooked, he even made fudge for us last night! What a guy:)

Chex Your Head

One of the greatest joys in my life is eating snacks, sad but true. It's just such a shame that one of the best salty snacks ever, Traditional Chex Mix, is marred by those damn pretzels. The white and rye bagel chips? Sublime. The wheat and corn Chex? Tasty and Tastier. Hell, I'll even eat those "fun-shaped" squiggle mini breadsticks. But I draw the line at those damn soggy pretzel windowpanes and circles...and can you guess what makes up the majority of the bag? The pretzels, of course. I refuse to eat them, so not only do I have to dodge around them while I'm trying to get to the good stuff, but I end up with an almost full bag of the pretzels and I feel cheated and dirty.

Now I'm no inventor, but how cool would it be if gas sations and convenience stores (the main source of all of my food purchases) had a mix your own Chex machine? It could be like all of those scoop your own candy things where you could add all the bagel chips and corn Chex you wanted but could completely give the cold shouder to those fucking disgusting pretzels. Hey, if it went well, they could even get a Bold N' Zesty machine too. What inveventions would just make your life so much awesome?

On a less Andy Rooneyish note, here are some cool links:

Want to learn how to make an iPod battery pack out of an Altoids tin?

Want to see female mugshots from the 1940s?

Maybe you need a laptop case that looks just like a pizza box. Personally, I'm partial to the White Castle Crave Case for all of my important professional documents.

Also, I just wanted to let you know my mom got me one of those tear-away kitty a day desk calendars for me for Xmas. And I love it!I have a kitty calendar, work in an office in southern Indiana, and my ass is probably spreading day by day from sitting in my tapestry flowered office chair. Somebody put me down when I show up with feathered bangs and start handing copies of this out as gifts.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

We're A Jerk

[Alison, I hope you didn't forget this, but in case you did, I'm posting it so we can all laugh one more time.]

Alison and I can be known, at times, for laughing and making fun of stuff that other people totally think of as bizarre and weird. (Testify: Mike, Steph, Matt anyone, anyone?) On New Year's Eve, Alison, Matt, and I stopped by a party that Stephanie's friend was having. We met an interesting guy, and 5 minutes after we started chatting, he looks and Alison and me, points a finger, and says, "She's a jerk." It was very clear that he was referring to both of us, which indicates that we have reached a new level of jerkdom: we now qualify as the "singular jerk."

We looked at each other, and Alison said, "That guy just told us that we're a jerk!" A new joke was born.

The next day, Matt told me, "You know, you two totally are a jerk. I'm glad someone else beside me said so."

So Boots, it's been great being a jerk with you for the past 12 (?) years. How about 12 more?

Monday, January 03, 2005

Top 5 Xmas Gifts

Admit it-- everyone likes getting gifts. Some of these items I like because I just want them, and others hold sentimental value. However, the most special moments of my holiday season were spent gorging on food, sleeping into the afternoon, watching cable tv like it was my job, participating in my annual holiday stomach flu hell (which typically includes vomiting), and fighting with certian family members. I am getting better, though. This year I refrained from telling people that I hate them (except for Matt, who gets that every day). Oh yeah, seeing family and friends was pretty fun, too. wink!

"My Favorite Material Things - Christmas 2004"

5. Dukes of Hazzard - Season 1
I actually gave this to Matt for xmas, but I have to say that I am enjoying the antics of Bo, Luke, and Daisy Duke. I actually found myself sniffling along to a very touching episode in which Daisy (in her dukes) tries to make it big in showbusiness. Isn't that every girl's dream, anyway?

4. Random items from the dollar store that my 10 year old brother, Shane, picked up for me. Batteries are actually nice to get for never know when you'll need them.

3. Tres chic business card holder that comes from Uncle Sammy's ladyfriend, Susan Reidweg. All the materials are synthetic...I'm a big fan of that.

2. Bracelet from my dad- I guess I'm still very much a Daddy's girl.

1. Once again, a gift given to Matt- Seinfeld Seasons 1&2. So Happy.

Image Posting Tutorial

Hey guys! No on seems to use images on the new blog! So, I made a little tutorial movie in quicktime about using to post images on a blog for my friends at my advertising blog Bloggarogitive. Click on it and you'll be redirected to that blog and can click the link for the tutorial. It's about 5 MB so it may take a long time to load depending on your computer. It seemed like it was going to take forever on my windows machine but no time on my mac. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Holy Squirrel

I have a good post for today, thanks to Jennie for keeping the blog alive during the holiday season. I have been in Vermont for awhile, so I haven't been able to post, but today something interesting actually happened.

Paul and I were sitting upstairs where our computer is this morning when we heard a loud bang. We both thought it was Max (my mischievous cat) knocking something over. So, Paul headed downstairs only to yell "Oh F*#k". I was still upstairs, but standing near the steps. He yelled, "Get Max, there is a squirrel in the house" and then he yelled, "Get something to help me" So I grabbed Max and ran upstairs and put him in our room and started to run back downstairs with a blanket. I have no idea how the blanket would have helped, but seriously I did not have much to choose from. I then saw the squirrel in our living room and panicked and ran back upstairs. Paul managed to get it our through our front door, Juno, our dog was hurling herself at the back door trying to get in.

Apparently, the squirrel had gotten in through our chimney and fallen into our house through the hole where the wood stove would have been. It landed on our lamp (and ruined the shade) and brought with it a ton of leaves and black dust from when the stove pipe was actually used! Basically it was a mess. We cleaned it up and called our landlord who lives in South Carolina and she is going to replace the shade and get someone here to fix the hole. Paul was able to fix it temporarily with some cardboard (real classy like).

Anyway, I know it may not sound exciting in writing, but it was pretty damn scary. I guess that's what I get for saying I was bored!

Best of 2004

This is a nice list from PETA about the best companies of 2004 who are committed to animal welfare. It's a great list whether you're vegetarian or not. It's great to see some companies stepping up to end the animal cruelty that is so prevalent in our economies. Some kids in Boulder that I had met wrote a great book called "The Better World Handbook" (available on amazon im sure) that is dedicated to small things we can do as individuals to contribute to a better world. It wasn't written in '04 but the Proggy Awards reminded me of it. Here's to 2005 and a better world!

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Just for the Macky

I am now locked in the kitchen, procrastinating writing my personal statement for social work grad school. After writing the intro paragraph, one half page, I decided to reward myself by making some dinner.... should've been a six course meal, because now I am back to the computer, expecting the thoughts to flow like water. As of now, my thoughts are iced over. So, obviously, I decided to post a bit to get those creative juices flowing and because Mike is insulting us by comparing our fantastic blog to Byron's blog, aka, no post central.

Well, happy new year. Last night, I worked at Sully's. The eve was built up like a nail biting movie trailer, as most NYE's are, and then sunk worse than Gigli. But, I must say that the best part of NYE at Sully's is the balloons. Not only are they fun to suck the helium out of, it's hilarious when they pop and the shrapnel lands on people's tables or in their drinks. When this happens, I just laugh and say "Happy New Year!".

One last thought and then I will close this mundane post, I had a lady at my table ask me to help her with her ketchup. Literally the convo went like this:

Me: "How is your chow chow? Anything else I can get you?"

Her: "Fine, but can you help me with this ketchup? It won't come out of the bottle and surely you have some server trick that will make it come out."

Me: "Uh, they didn't cover this topic in server school, but I often find using a knife gets the flow going."

Her: "Well, here (hands me the bottle) make it come out."

Me: (Shaking the bottle) "It seems to be stuck. I guess you'll just have to do without ketchup."

Really? Really? People never cease to amaze me.....happy new year!

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