Thursday, December 09, 2004

Trashing My Mind

I have officially read my first trashy book. I’m not gonna lie to you, it was actually a decent experience. After a semester of reading textbooks and psych journal articles (3 more finals and I’m done!), it was nice to read a book where I could completely zone out. Let’s just say if I had been reading for content, I wouldn’t have made it past Chapter 1, Kimmy’s Big Blunder. Reading something with a pleasantly familiar plotline…boy has crush on girl, girl likes other boy, drama ensues…was a nice way to unwind. But, I think I’m ready for something a bit more intellectually stimulating so my brain doesn’t get too out of shape over Christmas break (hands down, that is the best thing about grad school…a month off for Christmas? Sign me up!), so if any of you have suggestions, I’d appreciate them. They’ve always been great in the past!
Hey Jenny, I am in a book club, I know cool, but we do read some fun books. I liked:
The Human Stain-Phillip Roth
Love in the Time of Cholera-Gabriel Garcie Marquez
The Five People You Meet in Heaven

I can't think of anymore off the top of my head, but these are decent books. We are reading Great EXpectations for January(I hated it in high school, so we'll see)
ohhh...I love books that do not have to make you think! rah. I just finished The Bonesetter's Daughter by Amy Tan and that was very good (also read The Joy Luck Club if you haven't). Three Junes (I forget who the author was) is ok, but interesting. It recently won an award. I just started Madame Bovary to make sure I can still read "literature."

Steph, I think we read Great Expectations together in English class. I can send you my notes...they probably have your "Shan, you're so nasty!" comments all over them! :)
i just read Breakfast at Tiffany's and thought it was great. Then I watched the movie and it sucked so bad it almost made the book bad.
A friend from Mexico gave me "Like Water for Chocolate" (not sure of the author) or Como Agua para Chocolate as he would call it and it was FANtastic. its a really simple book for all ages that almost like a fabel or something. very much like the alchemist. I would totally recommend it. speaking of Garcia Marquez this same friend had read everything he's written (in spanish of course) and said that they had only translated a few of his books into english for american's reading pleasure. L'Amore en los tiempos de cholera and Cien anos de solidad sounds so much better in their native language if even only the titles! right now im reading animal farm as i (gasp) never read it in high school...and i just finished The Catcher in the Rye for the same reason.
Leah, I was just writing about how much better Breakfast at Tiffany's was in book form than movie on Mike's blog the other day. I adore that entire book, especially the story "A Christmas Memory." Seriously, Truman Capote is a great, great writer. Also recently read: White Teeth by Zadie Smith--good but not incredible and Lullaby by Chuck Palahnuik, which is an interesting, sort of mysterious story, but fun!
ali- i too am a HUGE fan of a christmas memory as i believe maybe jenny is too. ( remember someone posting about it last year). my fam went to see a stage adaptation of that story one year for xmas and would quote from it every year at xmas since. its so touching, it always makes me cry at the end. especially to hear him read it. he sounds like david sedaris!
leah, impressive memory, i do love that story. and breakfast at tiffany's too...but, the movie does suck. and it's so inaccurate! anyway, thanks everybody for the book suggestions and i can't wait to see some of you gals over christmas.
oh man! if you two like Christmas Memory, then you might just love my favorite movie, Harold and Maude...or you might hate it. It's about a 20-something guy (who looks like he's 17, not that that's important) who falls in love with an 80-year-old woman. He's obsessed with death, she life...wackiness ensues. But not really. It is so great, though. Has the best all Cat Stevens soundtrack too.
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