Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Tips for all...

Monday marked my one year anniversary of marriage to Paul, so I got to thinking of some tips that I should give you all, because I am telling you sometimes being married can be hard.

1) If your mate won't do a chore you really think is important, most likely you are going to end up doing it, so why fight with him/her about it
2) Calling each other 5 times a day is fine, as long as you understand the other person may not be able to chat all of the time due to work. (i.e. don't get mad when they have to go quickly)
3) Find a balance for who will do what around the house (for example: I NEVER grocery shop and when I do I don't get "the right kind of food", so Paul is in charge of that).
4) Everyday make time to see how your mate is really doing, not just briefly asking how their day was, really talk, sounds cheesy, but is good.
5) Realize you will have to deal with each others parents and families!
6) Make sure one of your cares enough about money to keep track of it (I sure don't care, luckily Paul does)
7) If you have pets try and understand that one of you may get stuck doing all of the work (sick litter box!)
8) Do nice things for your mate, like fold their laundry if you know they are having a really busy week
9) Realize that nice things are not as much flowers and cards anymore as they are folding laundry and doing the dishes. (I can't tell you how excited I get to have Paul fold all of the laundry and put it away)
10) Above all remember you married (or live with the person or date the person) because you are DIFFERENT!

The best advice I can offer (for not being married) is to do everything in your power to avoid this
11. Share the gimp. You both work. You're both tired at the end of your long and trying day. Coming home to warm evening by the fire with your gimp is all that you can think about while grinding your teeth amidst that merciless traffic. Do not jeopardize such splendor with a meaningless quarrel over gimp time. Share the gimp.
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