Sunday, December 12, 2004


okay, i know that all of you ladies have been where i am right now: single. and, being the only single member of this blog (unless katie's stats have changed), i decided that it's time to bring you all back to the days before your husbands and life partners entered the picture. so here you have The Top Reasons Why It's Awesome to Be Single!

*i still get to check out hot guys, gush about how fabulous he is, develop a wee crush, and then, if feeling brave, slip him my digits.

*come holiday season, i just chill with my family: no need to scuttle from my family to his family, to his sister's family, to my dad's family......and i don't have to stress about who in his family gets a gift or get stuck paying for said gift.

*i am not dragged to sporting events, monster truck rallies, or annoying friend's house all in the name of being diplomatic and supporting my mate's interests.

*when doing laundry, i only wash my nasty briefs or boxers mingling with my delicate undies.

*i cook just for me and i always like what's for din din.

*i get my bed all to myself.....except when my cat joins me.

*i know exactly what kind of peanut butter, bread, chips, and ice cream i like; so nothing goes wrong at the grocery.

*i always get the remote.

*if i feel like buying some extravagant gift for myself, i do, without thinking twice about whether or not this will throw us off budget or having to hide the receipt.

*i don't have to deal with his mother!

well, that was a nice trip down memory lane.....jealous yet? :)

Definitly jealous! All of those things sound good!
feeling totally jealous...i'm right in the middle of the family saga right now...not my favorite way to gear up for the holidays.

try not to rub it in too much!
yep, the single life definitely has its perks...i think i've still got more single years under my belt than you, jen, and i loved them just as much as i love where i'm at now. cheers to you getting what's yours and having a great time!
"i get my bed all to myself.....except when my cat joins me." cute or creepy? There is a thin line. ;)
um, for sure cute, not creepy...mind + gutter = unhappy place......and i'm not trying to hate on being married/committed, as i know what you all have is amazing and i hope to meet someone equally as fab, i'm just shoutin out to the single folks in the hizouse!
I guess I've been single for so long that I took it for granted. Thanks for pointing out that it can be cool. But, there's always the fact that you can't blame anyone else for your poor decision-making. There's only one culpable mind when you're single. You know what I'm talking about. When someone asks you why you rented "50 First Dates" you can't blame it on your girlfriend or wife. You just have to claim you thought it was a porn or an action-thriller.
With two cats and a man, I really want to invest in a huge king-sized bed, so I am a little jealous of all the sleeping real estate you have!
I am jealous of the sleeping set up as well...a husky, a cat, and a husband= no room for steph! And we have a king sized bed. Last night I woke up with no covers and no pillows. The cat was on one pillow and Juno and Paul had all of the covers!
The best part of being single is going to the dance clubs and dancing with whom ever you wish without being worried that your significant other will show up. See you and decide that removing your eyes from the back of your skull seems like a fair trade for your few moments of pleasure you experienced without him/her.
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