Friday, December 10, 2004

Not that I would wear this or anything...

But this is what Britney chose to sport to the Billboard Music Awards. I'm not going to say a thing about her date or her new pet rat, but that lace doily isn't doing a thing for her thighs or her stomach (baby? cheetos? who knows!). Now, most people know what flatters them and what's going to just draw huge! flashing! arrows to their problem areas. But remember back to the 2001 MTV Movie Awards? No, you've slept since then? Well, come with me, the Ghost of award shows past, and take a look at lil' Britney in an almost identical dress.

I was always taken with this dress because it's so damn short, not to mention sheer and completley unforgiving, and she rocked the hell out of it. Sigh, what havoc three years and a Federline can wreak on a girl's figure.

Aaaaugh! I cant see the second photo!!! Put it back on please, so I can compare and contrast! ;)
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