Thursday, December 16, 2004

DJ Fancy Feast on Decks!

This is my cat, Harvey, spinning some tight grooves for Mike and me last weekend at Club Whiskazz (it's a hot new secret club located under the TV). As you might have guessed, he's most excellent at scratching. We busted out the old glow sticks, but it's kind of hard trying to dance to Iron and Wine. Now that he picked up the new Lindsay Lohan single, I hope his sets pick up a little. This weekend he'll be droppin' Hill's Science Diet at the Alley Cat and selling his new Meow Mixtape (yay! let's see how many cat food puns Iams can make!)
The post was everything I hoped it would be. You are a photoshop god!
Ha! That's awesome. Juno and Max will have to come over and dance with Harvey and Otis. And Mike don't you mean she is a photshop goddess?
you get otis freestylin up there with him and you've got yourselves an act. look out mtv2.
naaah, otis is better at beatboxin'
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