Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Some Funny Things

Ok, so I think we need to keep blogging. I love the blog and reading all about all of your lives. Sooooo I am going to post about what's been going on this week for me. Today I took a family to a donation center where they could get clothes and some household items for free. This place is really cool, but in a very random location (the basement of an apartment building at 21st and College). Anyway, the two boys in the family got impatient for their mom, so I waited with them outside. While waiting one of the boys asked me where I got my ring and I said my husband. He said can I buy it from you. I of course said NO! He said, I want to give it to my girlfriend. Was her serious, me giving him my ring...YEAH RIGHT! So, I told him no, that was not going to happen and he was being inappropriate (that's for Alison and Shannon). He then asked if he could have my car. This kid has some issues.

But he wasn't the only one with issues today. I was at another client's house today and sitting on the floor (because she has only her bed as furniture) and her 2 year old son was running around. All of a sudden he ran over to me and bit me on my shoulder. I mean he broke the skin though my shirt. My client (his mom) of course did nothing, so I picked him up and sat him on his kid-sized Sponge Bob chair and told him to stay there. He then ran over and bit his mom, who of course screamed at him. Basically it was so awesome and I wished I would have stayed there all day. Or something

Last, but not least. Paul and I are celebrating our year anniversary this weekend the actual date isn't until next Monday, but we are celebrating early with a hotel downtown and dinner out. "They" say the first year is the hardest, so if that's true, the rest of the years shouldn't be too bad.

congrats on the anniversary stephanie! that is very exciting.
tee hee, steph. i had a feeling you'd be the one to move us on to another post. that is a really hilarious rings are some kind of weird charm, I swear. I had 2 encounters today that involved my wedding ring. Bizarro! I never thought that men actually looked for the ring and then backed off when they noticed it...that happened 2 times today. Thank God Matt from Kinko's spotted the ring and took a hike. I was really starting to fall for him during our conversation about computer programming! (shan: "I really don't know what you're talking about...")

Happy Anniversary, Steph and Paul! I'll come over thanksgiving weekend and we'll celebrate with some CANDY (which would be totally inappropriate, by the way)!!
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