Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Secret Santa Hell

Hey all, I am about to head to work, but thought I would post about an interesting phenomenon that is occurring at many office places around the United States, SECRET SANTA. I don't know if any of you have this ugly tradition in your office place, but I sure do. For one, I work by myself about 90 percent of the time and in other people's homes, I am in my office once a week for a meeting. I don't really know my co-workers all that well. Secondly, how am I supposed to deliver one gift a week to a place I never go to?

I know, I know its supposed to be all about the holidays and the giving spirit, but I find the secret santa thing to be a pain. I really could do without the little gifts that really are not all that useful to me. I would be happy if we just had a Holiday party and all went out to eat. Ok, well that is enough of that. But do you think next year if I boycotted the whole thing I would get fired?

Hope you all have a great Turkey Day. I will be running in the Drumstick Dash in Broadripple on Thursday morning (because I am crazy) with my hubby and my dad. Then I plan on eating a whole lot!

I usually chuck all those secret santa and trinket gifts directly into the goodwill bag. I used to keep that stuff, but lately I try to only keep stuff I use, need, or have a serious sentimental attachment to. Not to mention the fact that I have no storage! I hate being obligated to give gifts like that...when you are shopping for them it feels like a waste of $ and time because it is highly unlikely that the recipient will like or use the gift. In most cases, you don't really know their personal taste that well!
You should save all that crap and then regift it during secret santa bullshit next year. My office is the exact opposite. Pretty much nothing happens at Christmas except those crazy, crazy oreo mice! Actually my department head took the marketing and communication department out for lunch....without me! And there are only 5 of us! I felt like lil Kevin in Home Alone. I'm the only girl, though, so maybe the really went to a strip club or something...eww
In our office, we're doing the non-denominational "holiday party", as so many people are either atheist, non-practicing Christian, or Jewish out here in LA.

They were considering having the party at a stripclub called "Cheetah's," but had to rethink as it wouldn't hold all the employees. That would be a crazy night with too much mistletoe.

I am, however, feeling pressure to buy gifts for my 5 + bosses, and am broke as hell. Any ideas as to what I should get them?
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