Monday, November 22, 2004

Ponytail francaise? Mais oui!

Does everyone remember the snazzy French ponytail girls used to rock back in 4th grade? Well I'm bringin' it back. In case you're not in the know, a French pony is where you put half of your hair into a band and then add more and more, gradually securing with a hair tie. I've seen all sorts of people sporting the side pony, crimping and mullets these days so why not? Hell, I even have bangs right now. Had you told me that I'd voluntarily gotten my own forehead fringe five years ago, I probably would have curled up under the covers and whimpered like a little baby until I convinced myself it was only a nightmare.

So yeah, last Friday, a dreary, rainy and frizz-inducing day, I was putting my hair into its boring everyday low ponytail when I spied an extra hair tie just minding its own business on my bathroom counter. I don't know what posessed me to do it, but before I knew it, my hair was half up, half down and my other hand was reaching for the extra band. With the 'do fully Frenchified, I was out the door, secure in the knowledge that my hair was too bolted down to succumb to the Indiana (and Ohio and Kentucky) winds and rain I would meet that night. That's right. I not only wore this snazzy look out in public, but I took it out of state (granted this is the Midwest and people still wear scrunchies with fervor here).

I wore my getup to the Arcade Fire show (a definite concert highlight by the way. I beg you to go see them if they're in your area!) and none of the more ironic than thou hipsters mocked or pointed at me (at least to my knowledge) and my hair was back and not all up in my face obscuring my stage view. My damn bangs, on the other hand, that's another story...
Oh man Ali that is so funny...the other day I was watching a lifetime movie (thats right and I am proud of it) and I saw a woman wearing 3 pony tail holders in her hair. I bet you looked great!
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