Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Meixican Food: My obsession

Now, I know I am not alone on this blog when I say I love mexican food. I absolutely cannot live without it. Right now I am currently munching on some bean dip for lunch. At least two times a week Paul and I make mexican at home and usually about one time a week I eat Qdoba. I mean I could mexican food every day and never have enough. I am worried though...what if one day in the distant future when I am pregnant I won't be able to eat mexican food (if it makes me sick) I think I will go through a major withdrawl! I just wanted to post about how goooooood mexican food is. There is nothing bad about beans, chips, cheese, salsa, and lets not forget the margaritas as well!

Mexican food indeed can be very tasty. It can also be the most vile thing your body could ever ingest (read: anything with so-called "Beef" at Taco Bell). You need to check out a little joint in Carmel called Cancun. It's my choice for MVP on the Indy Mexican scene. I highly recommend the chimichanga. I think it's still on Range Line Rd, close to downtown Carmel, but they may have moved or opened other locations.
ooohhh you know i feel you on the mexican. i'll probably eat so much mexican when i'm pregnant (YEARS down the line) that my baby will come out lookin mexican. wonder how that'll sit with jon...
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