Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Kerry Concedes

Despite all efforts, Bush will be our president for another four long years. I wonder what will happen...

Also, I'm very disappointed in the low youth turn out this year. They were handed information on their right to vote and its impact on a silver platter, but no one can seem to figure out how to make teenagers and youg adults care. Fuck it, I'm going to be 26 in a year, so I almost hope Bush does order up a draft so these kids will finally have to wake up and care about something. I know I'm being a little reactionary but how hard is it to chose a candidate and pull a little lever. It's like a video game, only a lot easier.
i cant believe this country to tell you the truth. its just disgusting. we live in a country full of religious fanatics and i want no part of it. its so funny the way the country is divided so geographically. the west coast and northeast coast are solidly democrat. there is a pocket of democrats around illinois (presumably from the urban influence of chicago) as well as in the other great lake states. Its basically where all the colleges are. I wish the south HAD won their own country in the civil war. let them be together in their little anti-abortion, racist, fanatically christian bubble. the rest of the educated people in this country dont understand that shit. it really makes me want to move. as it did last year. unfortuately that isnt really too practical.
this is a really sad day... I went to bed last night before it was all said and done. I saw all those red states on the news maps and just sighed. Now that Kerry has conceded, I don't think I ever really felt that he would win. This nationwide Republican rhetoric of absolute, utter crap is way too contaminating. I'm happy to say that Chicago and Illinois, for the most part, is pretty liberal, so everyone I saw today shared a sniffle or 2. Right now I'm feeling exactly the way Bush wants me to feel: like there is no point in challenging him, so just give up. I'll be in a bitchier mood tomorrow.
I am still feeling a little sad today. Paul stayed up until 3am and told me the results when he went to bed. I agree, the youth vote could have helped Kerry, why the hell don't people care more? Anyways, it should be a scary 4 more years, especially for those of us in the social services field.
If the draft *is* reinstated, you can bet your ass those youths will be out in full force voting in '08. How do you convince someone young and self-centered that something is important?? You make it affect them.
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