Wednesday, November 24, 2004

It's the Law!

If you try to steal gas in the state of Indiana, you will be cursed with a GIANT drivers license. I'm serious people; these are prominently posted at almost every gas station around. And how are you supposed to fit that in your wallet? Don't say you haven't been warned.

****UPDATE****I finally took some ooooold pictures of my camera. Lookit here! Don't forget to look at the captions because it takes forver to type those damn things in!

Have a supertastic T-givin'!

On the I gotta say here: yessssssssssss. The extremely small cop (or is it an extremely large driver's license?) makes every trip to the gas station a delight! I hope every state has this. I would feel guilty if we were the only ones that got to enjoy it.
I think I could manage to fit that thing into my wallet cause I have a mom wallet! Maybe I should steal some gas and see what happens...hehe
Ali, I just finished looking at the pics. Seriously your comments were so funny (paul was laughing so hard). What was wrong with me that night. I loved the after-school special one!
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