Monday, November 29, 2004

Holiday Musings

Thanksgiving has passed...and I'm pretty thankful for that. (Who knew I was in the mood for puns today?) It's the start of a long stretch of work (only 3 weeks!) without vacation days or breaks from scheduled programs, meetings, and appointments. But then, I can bask in the 2 week vacation I get for working with a public school. Here lies the problem: the holidays.

This Thanksgiving, I spent some time alone contemplating the nature of the universe. For all you that are married or shacking, being "alone" has an entirely different meaning. For me, that means no other person is in the space I'm in for an extended period of time. No husband, no friends, no family, period. After spending some time with family in Indy, I returned to an empty apartment on Friday night and was home alone until Sunday afternoon. When you're married, that's a pretty rare occurrence. Sleeping alone? Never really happens at this stage. So, I had some time to sit around and think about why the holidays usually make me so schizophrenic...the answer revolves around family. When you're an adult in the mid-20's, you think you are (and hopefully you are) exactly that: an adult. Have your parents caught on yet? With mine, it's questionable. I first began pondering this when bunking down with Matt in my childhood room so crammed full of crap that the bedroom door does not fully open. People still telling you what to do, micromanaging your descision to take a shower at a certian time, discussing the merits of your socks ("It's cold...don't you want warmer ones?"), and keeping an eagle eye over the portion sizes of your food. Then, there's always the tired old family politics to keep things interesting ("I can't believe Aunt Janie didn't make her jello mold this she getting senile, do you think?" or "That jerk finally saw that Louise just didn't care about her kids...good thing he got custody.") Blah.

My latest holiday trauma that I'm looking forward to wading through: dividing up time amongst 2 sets of families (rah marriage!). Things look especially encouraging when everyone wants your undivided attention within a very small amount of time. I haven't really perfected my politics when it comes to dealing with the in-laws, so this year should be interesting.

I'm spending the holidays...with myself! My parents didn't think it was worth my coming home as we saw each other in september when I moved to LA. As I had no idea what my job situation would be when it was time to make holiday plane reservations etc I decided I'd just stay here in LA with...myself! John has winter break from school so he is going home to visit his family for like 5 days from the 18th or 19th until christmas eve when he's coming home to spend christmas with me. It'll be kind of fun I think. A little lonely but not bad. I'm making my family make full use of their digicams and broadband and send pictures of everything they do at Christmas to me asap and I will do the same. We did it for thanksgiving and it seemed to work pretty well. And I think xmas falls on a weekend which means I can spend infinite hours on the phone with them for free weekend cell phone minutes. Gotta love that.
Good luck with dealing with both sets of parents shannon. I just decided not to face it at all!
Shan, if you want, you're always welcome to stay with me whenever...and I promise not to sneak out in the middle of the night and go to the emergency room!

I had to work the day after Christmas last year, so I came back to Bloomington and spent the night all alone on Christmas night. I didn't mind it at all, since my family is crazy, but it was really creepy living in a college town. The place is pretty much deserted all of December, but I was literally the only person in my apt. building. I kept on thinking about how a serial killer was probably right outside my door and knew no one could hear me scream. Yay yuletide!
Shan, I understand the 2 family thing...Paul and I are constantly trying to please everyone, but when one family lives in Indy and the other Vermont, its hard. I think in a year or two there may be a time when we just stay home and say screw it all!
hint that you are a hitman and those in laws will leave you alone
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