Thursday, November 18, 2004

Hi, my name is Alison and I have an addiction.

So I suppose today could be dedicated to helping you help me, what with all my strange likes and unhealthy obsessions. This one has got to be the worst though. I am totally addicted to buying things on ebay. I've only been a user for about a year, and in the past I would get on every few months to look for hard-to-find gift for someone or a little something here and there. It wasn't a problem, I swear. Things got a little rocky when my old roommate Janel caught the bug and started buying all kinds of random crap from a metal Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox to an autographed photo of the original Dukes of Hazzard cast. It must of been a contagious but slow-developing sickness because my problem reached critical mass abut a month ago.

I don't buy crap and memorabilia so much as clothes and shoes. I want to justify it by noting just how good the deals I get really are (I mean, NIB––that's new in box for you uninitiated––$250 boots for $48 is a steal!) and how much I HATE shopping for business casual clothes for work (BARF!). Not to mention just how much the shopping in Bloomington is very lacking. That seems ok to me, but the buying of things I really don't need just because it seems like a good deal is totally out of control. Weighing the pros and cons has been tough for me. I love not having to go shopping and it's a fun little break at work. I love the deals I get and I ADORE getting packages in the mail. On the other hand, I have too many clothes that I don't wear to warrant this behavior and I'm wasting too much time looking at my "My ebay" section.

I need help, but I guess I'm not alone' and knowing is half the battle. Check out Addicted to Ebay Barbie and tales of horror from the guy who has an ebay addled roommate (Oh champ, please don't fall down the slippery slope I did!).
Good luck in conquering the addiction!
What's your feedback rating? I'm throwing myself a party for hitting 250 recently.
Ali, I feel ya, there was a time when Paul wouldn't stop with the Ebay. I actually bid on a Marc Jacobs coat yesterday and lost and I saw that I lost at work and yelled out DAMN! HEHE Whoops
I'm glad it's not just me then. I found myself a while ago just buying stuff to get my rating up. It's a definite addiction!
250? That makes me feel a little better. I only have 18 feedbacks. Feedbacks! Another thing that makes it addictive...all of these people telling you how super you are for paying them. That doesn't happen when you're out shopping in real life, now does it?
i haven't really hopped on the ebay wagon just yet, but jon works for an ebay company designing auctions. he just made a store...the company is called AsIsAz (doesn't that make you think their stuff is's actually not) and they made a shoe store. he wants to start his own ebay business...which would mean good deals for us! ;) i'm definitely pulling for a clothes, shoes, and makeup store but we'll see if that happens. i guess makeup is the best thing to sell on ebay!
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