Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Hello, neighbors to the north!

Find out if you can haul ass to Canada and be recognized as askilled worker.
I gots meself a 75! I'm a-goin' up North. Yee-hah!
Damnit, only a 63 for me. So close. Hey Grant, think they would go for a Faux-gay marriage / common-law partner? I could use the spouse points.

What did you get Al?
ooooh 76. Grant and I will send you a postcard when we get there.
I charge $5000 for a fake marriage.
hooo rah. I got a 74. being married helped. I'll send you all a postcard!
sweet tits, i got a 74 :) perhaps i should apply to some canadian law schools?.....

yeah and commenting on the whole election debacle: kerry pisses me off for being such a pansy that he just GAVE AWAY the election. why not just wait the sucker out? it makes me mad that i even voted for the douche, i could have used my vote for nader and then perhaps we could make our country a three party system next election. yuck....hillary in 2008! so boo dubya and boo kerry. i wonder is dubya is the only prez to not be fairly elected in both terms.....hmmmmm?
I got a 76. which is good considering this is what my husband stated when he knew Bush had won "Steph, we are moving to Canada if Bush tries to draft my ass..."
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